Top 6 Strongest Flushing Toilet on The Market Right Now

Toilets aren’t something you buy every day, and because it’s a long-term investment, you’d want to be sure your money isn’t squandered. Flushing toilets are primarily connected to your home’s central sewage system, and they should ideally eliminate solid waste with a single flush while remaining unobtrusively quiet. All the strongest flushing toilet on the market have one thing in common: they consume less water per flush, don’t clog, and clear waste quickly. Premium flush toilets can clean the bowl surface with less than a gallon of water. This not only allows you to save money on your water bill but also contributes to the conservation of natural resources.

Moreover, the successful implementation of twin cyclone flushing technology in modern flushing toilets has resulted in increased flushing force.

Finding the best flushing toilets, on the other hand, maybe difficult due to the different varieties available, each has its own set of qualities and attributes. Therefore, we examined the industry and created this list of the top six strongest flushing toilets, worth your time and money.

The Strongest Flushing Toilet Table:

Swiss Madison SM-1T112 Tropez One Piece ToiletSwiss Madison SM-1T112 Tropez One Piece Toilet
  • Comfortable
  • Easy to clean
  • Powerful dual-flush system
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WOODBRIDGE Cotton White T-0019 ToiletWOODBRIDGE Cotton White T-0019 Toilet
  • Comfortable soft closing seat
  • The powerful dual flushing system
  • Cleaning is easy
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TOTO UltraMax II ToiletTOTO UltraMax II Toilet
  • Elongated One-Piece Toilets
  • Uses less water (1.28 GPF)
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20 inch Extra Tall Toilet20 inch Extra Tall Toilet
  • Features high elevation gravity flush
  • Powerful dual flash technology
  • Comfortable
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Kohler K-3999-0 Highline Comfort Height Two-piece ToiletKohler K-3999-0 Highline Comfort Height Two-piece Toilet
  • Quality built
  • Makes less noise during flushing
  • Powerful flushing technology
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American Standard Dual Flush ToiletAmerican Standard Dual Flush Toilet
  • Water-efficient flush system
  • EverClean surface
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What Are the Characteristics of The “strongest Flushing Toilet”?

There are many categories of flushing toilets in the market, but not all of them are strong flushers. Manufactures developed certain modifications to produce modern toilets that are powerful enough to allow flushing more effectively and efficiently than other conventional ones on the marketplace. The characteristics of any strongest flushing toilet include –

Expanded trapway

In a toilet, the trapway is the pipeline that links the toilet’s base to the drain. If the toilet has the largest trapway, water and waste will depart the bowel more rapidly.

However, It’s a tricky feat because if the trapway is too extensive, the siphon action of the trap, which supplies the bulk of the flushing power, is lost.

Jet flushing

Gravity-fed toilets typically employ the pressure of the fluid discharged from the reservoir to fill the toilet bowl and rapidly drive waste and water down the trapway, creating a siphon that sucks stormwater out of the bowl. 

Jet flushing is the evolution of this method. In this case, water is still released from the tank into the bowl, but a portion of it is diverted down a siphon’ jetway,’ which sends water directly to the trap, bypassing trapway pressure and resulting in higher siphon activity.

It’s a simple technical application that improves flush performance by using less fluid, resulting in toilets that flush properly while using less water.

Dual flush system

This feature allows for the discharge of less fluid, which means lower water pressure for liquid waste, and more water means higher water pressure for solid waste. It collaborates with other components to give tailored flushing performance based on the waste type.

Flushing using a pump

In modern toilets, the fluid in the reservoir is retained under pressure. When you flush the toilet, gravity and tank pressure combine to produce a forceful flushing action. These are raised toilets, frequently seen in manufacturing businesses. 

However, gradually they are becoming more widespread in residences.

Tower flush valve

Tower flush valves allow water to leave the tank from all sides, resulting in a more forceful and faster flush.

Pressure-assisted flush

A pressure-assisted flush system uses a blend of water and pressured air to complete each flush. Less water is utilized to remove waste since the pressurized air assists in boosting the velocity of the water during a flush.

Moreover, a pressure-assisted toilet requires a smaller tank, freeing up space in your bathroom for other essential fixtures. As a result, by purchasing a pressure-assisted toilet, you will be able to reduce the quantity of water you consume each time you flush. However, the downside of this system is, it creates noisy flushes.

Glazing ceramic foundation

Slicker toilet bowls are a thing now because minimal friction means that waste and water flow more quickly and easily.

How to Determine Flush Power?

The flushing power of your toilet is not necessarily reliant on the mechanism that drives it. Even minor factors such as the flush valve, trapway, and water surface area can impact how efficient it is.

It’s not commonly mentioned in product descriptions, online, or in stores, but there is a third-party business that conducts testing for this very purpose. They’re called Max Performance (MaP), and they use a set of criteria to measure how well a toilet flushes. They do this by employing weighted and shaped pellets identical to typical human feces.

After conducting their testing, they assign it a gram score ranging from 0-1000g. Anything weighing more than 1000 g is at its peak and has an exceptionally effective flush mechanism. The alternatives at the bottom end of this spectrum, say 300g and below, perform poorly.

Power Flush Toilet vs. Flush Efficiency | Is a higher GPF preferable?

The answer is, of course, no—the greater the GPF or “gallons per flush”, the more water your toilet consumes. Furthermore, a high-power flushing toilet may be efficient and use significantly less water at the same time.

So, when looking for the most powerful flushing toilet, don’t forget to consider their toilet flush ratings. Moreover, a higher GPF rating does not guarantee stronger flushing power. Therefore, a lower GPF rating will make it much more efficient.

Our Top Picks for The Strongest Flushing Toilet in The Market

1. Swiss Madison SM-1T112 Tropez One Piece Toilet

Swiss Madison SM-1T112

Product Attributes 

  • Manufactured by Swiss Madison
  • Glossy white color
  • Ceramic material
  • Features a fully skirted trapway
  • Includes soft closing seat
  • Elongated shape
  • Dual flush toilet
  • Product weight is 120 lbs
  • Size is ‎26.6 x 15 x 31 inches
  • One year limited warranty

The Package Includes

Tank, Bowl, Seat, Wax Ring, Bolt Kit, and Cover Caps

Product Description

This is one of a kind stunning one-piece toilet manufactured by Swiss Madison, a reputed company for producing sanitary items. 

Premium Seat Quality With Comfort: With this product, you will get a soft-close and quick-release SlymmTM seat for a superior toilet-using experience.

Slick Design: In the case of design, this St. Tropez one-piece toilet offers a seamless appearance with a completely skirted bowl, making it ideal for any bathroom.

Powerful Flush: Its flushing technology features a dual flush system. This flushing mechanism allows you to select between a partial and full flush, offering you to save money and the environment without compromising performance.

The GPF Value: This dual-flush system lets the user choose between a very low flush volume of 0.8 GPF for liquid waste and a higher volume of 1.28 GPF, which is still below regulated standards for solid waste. 

Ease of Cleaning: Finally, its quick-release matte chrome hinges allow the seat to be effortlessly removed from the toilet for cleaning.

  • Slick design
  • Comfortable
  • Easy to clean
  • Powerful dual-flush system
  • The installation procedure looks to be a little complicated.



2. WOODBRIDGE T-0019 Cotton White Toilet

WOODBRIDGE T-0019 Cotton White Toilet

Product Attributes

  • Manufactured by WOODBRIDGE
  • Cotton white color
  • Porcelain material
  • It’s a one-piece toilet
  • The toilet features a fully concealed trap-way
  • Includes a fully glazed flush system
  • It features chair-height seating
  • Includes stainless steel seat hinge
  • Elongated shape
  • Size is ‎31 x 18 x 28 inches
  • Product Weight is 119.7 lbs
  • A one-year limited warranty against material and workmanship flaws is provided.

The Package Includes

A pre-installed soft closing toilet seat, Pre-installed water fitting, Wax ring, Floor bolts, installation guide, and hand wrench tool

Product Description

The company “WOODBRIDGE” brings you its finest and powerful flushing toilet in the market. This modern one-piece toilet stands out in every aspect of being the best flushing toilet on the market right now.

Luxurious Design: The toilet features a clean design that provides you with a sleek look and it also fits with different styles such as modern, artisan, classic, and so on. In other words, its exquisite craftsmanship provides the finest in modern styling.

Easy To Clean: The skirted trap-way gives a streamlined appearance while also making cleaning easy. Moreover, there are no curves or corners to collect dust. There are also no visible huge mounting holes or unsightly plastic covers.

Quality Seat: It features a high-quality soft closing toilet seat with a stainless steel durable seat hinge. Also, it’s simple to get the toilet seat off to tighten or clean after years of use.

Comfortable: The toilet features a comfortable height design. Its chair-height seating makes it easy for most adults to sit and stand.

Powerful and Quiet Flushing System: A fully glazed dual-flush system provides very silent and forceful siphon flushing action with no blockages, leaks, or problems.

  • Comfortable soft closing seat
  • Modern design
  • The powerful dual flushing system
  • Cleaning is easy
  • Simple installation
  • Push buttons are plastic made (chrome-plated)



3. TOTO UltraMax II Toilet

TOTO UltraMax II Toilet

Product Attributes

  • White color
  • Plastic material
  • Chrome finish
  • Elongated shape
  • Floor mounted installation method
  • Gravity flush type
  • Features double cyclone flushing action
  • Water consumption is 1.28 gallons per flush (GPF)
  • Size is L 28 3/8″ x W 16 1/2″ x H 28 3/4″
  • Product weight is 99 lbs
  • Limited 1-year warranty

The Package Includes

A Tank cover, Fittings, Chrome plated trip lever, and SoftClose seat

Product Description

TOTO is the world’s leading maker of plumbing goods. They design toilets that will update and modernize any bathroom while also providing tremendous performance that will eradicate clogs for good. TOTO’s UltraMax II toilet is a high-performance product that generates value for your money.

Effective Flushing System: This toilet gets its name from its innovative tornado flush technology. It offers a lot of flushing force. 

Instead of rim holes, this flushing system has twin flush mechanism nozzles that generate centrifugal flushing action. 

The main advantage of this flushing technique is that it saves a significant amount of water per flush.

In other words, it’s easily one of the strongest flushing toilets that you can check.

Ease of Cleaning: Because of its one-piece construction, the Toto Ultramax II Toilet Set is not visually stunning, but it’s easy to clean as the rank and bowl gap are no longer there. Therefore, dust, filth, and debris have no place to hide.

Very secure: This one-piece toilet is free of bolt and gasket leaks, which are frequent in two-piece toilets.

Comfort: The toilet is ADA-compliant, which means the toilet seat is approximately 18 inches tall. As a result, its Universal height provides optimal comfort during use. 

Quality Built: The Ultramax II design is noteworthy since it features an elongated construction. Also, the inside edge of the bowl is covered with SanaGloss, which automatically cleans the bowl and even fights bacteria.

  • It features universal height for maximum comfort
  • Quiet and powerful double cyclone flush technology
  • Uses less water (1.28 GPF)
  • SanaGloss surface
  • Easy to clean
  • A bit pricey and lacks flashy features.



4. Convenient Height 20-Inch Extra Tall Toilet

20 inch Extra Tall Toilet

Product Attributes

  • Manufactured by Convenient Height
  • White color
  • Ceramic material
  • Features a 3.5-inch flush lever handle
  • Includes dual flush system
  • Full flash features 1.28 GPF and economy flush features 0.8 GPF
  • Extra tall toilet bowl (20-inches)
  • Includes slow closing toilet seat
  • Elongated shape
  • Floor mounted installation
  • Size is 20 – 21 inches
  • Product weight is 120 lbs
  • Three-year limited warranty

The Package Includes

Toilet Bowl, Toilet Tank, Toilet Seat, and Flushing Mechanisms

Product Description

The engineers and designers from Massachusetts at Convenient Height Co. collaborated to ensure this 20-inch Tall Toilet is elegant and attractive. In other words, it’s packed with a lot of fantastic functionality and useful features.

Stunning Design: Elegant and timeless design. The tall bowl with a tiny footprint is ideal for even the smallest bathrooms.

Dual flush technology: The dual flush, a built-to-last mechanism, is flapper less for simplicity of use and longevity. Just lift the lever to use less water, and press it down to use the full 1.28GPF flush.

Comfort: This tall toilet comes with a slow-closing heavy-duty toilet seat with a cover. It’s designed for maximum seating comfort. Also, whenever cleaning is required, the seat readily disconnects.

Efficient Gravity Flush Technology: All trap-ways are not made equal. For a forceful gravity-based flush, this 20-inch-tall bowl trap-way employs its own height. Therefore, the flushing mechanism works effectively. 

Durable Flush Actuator: The dual flush actuator is built to last. It is robust and links to the metal handle through an extremely durable connection. In other words, it’s a well-engineered component.

  • Excellent built quality
  • Convenient design
  • Features high elevation gravity flush
  • Powerful dual flash technology
  • Comfortable
  • The flush handle and the toilet seat is made of plastic



5. Kohler K-3999-0 Highline Comfort Height Two-Piece Toilet

Kohler K-3999-0

Product Attributes

  • White color
  • Built with Vitreous China material
  • Comes with an elongated bowl
  • Includes a large flush valve
  • The seat height is 17 to 19-inches 
  • Floor mounted installation method
  • Elongated shape
  • The size is 18” W x 29.75” D
  • Product weight is 93 lbs
  • 1-year limited warranty

Product Description

If you want a low-cost flushing toilet without sacrificing quality, the Kohler K-3999-0 Highline Toilet is the real deal for you. In fact, this product provides all of the incredible features that customers expect from the best flushing toilets on the market.

Comfortable Bowl Construction: Most standard toilets have a circular bowl, and while they take up less room, they aren’t as pleasant as they should be. 

However, the good news is that this Kohler toilet has an enlarged bowl that is highly comfortable for adult usage, particularly for elderly folks.

Efficient Flushing Technology: The Kohler K-3999-0 is among the strongest flushing toilet on the market right now, featuring a Class Five flushing mechanism built for bulk flushing performance. It increases water flow while minimizing noise, resulting in a silent and effective flush.

Flush Valve: The flushing mechanism of this toilet has a large flush valve that enables the rapid flow of water in the flush bowl without making too much noise.

Also, the valve delivers a tremendous punch when it comes to removing obstructions without wasting water.

Standard Seat Height: This comfortable height toilet features chair-height seats, which makes it simpler for most adults to sit and stand.

  • Quality built
  • Makes less noise during flushing
  • Comfortable
  • The toilet meets EPA flushing guidelines
  • Powerful flushing technology
  • Difficult to install



6. American Standard Dual Flush Toilet

American Standard Dual Flush Toilet

Product Attributes

  • Vitreous China material
  • Chrome-plated push button
  • Features EverClean surface
  • Dual flush system
  • It has siphon jet bowl technology and a PowerWash rim.
  • Features 0.92/1.28 gallons per flush (GPF)
  • Round shape
  • The seat can be purchased separately.
  • Two-piece toilet installation method
  • Size is ‎27.75 x 15 x 30 inches
  • Product weight is 56.4 lbs
  • Limited 5-year warranty on mechanical parts

The Package Includes

Toilet bowl, toilet tank, and two color-matched bolt caps

Product Description

The H2Option Dual-Flush Round toilet operates on gravity, which uses less water while producing sufficient flushing power to clear waste in one go.

Water Saver: With H2Option, you have complete control over your flush. To save water, choose between a full or partial flush. The full flash uses 1.28 GPF, whereas the conserving flush uses 0.92 GPF. In other words, with each flush, you obtain excellent efficiency with a low water consumption rate. 

Hygienic Toilet: This toilet has an “EverClean” surface that prevents the formation of stain and odor-causing bacteria, mold, and mildew on the surface, resulting in a cleaner toilet. Therefore, the toilet stays hygienic no matter how many times you use it.  

Comfortable Height: The rim height on this American Standard toilet is 16-1/2″. So, it is higher off the ground than regular height toilets, providing unrivaled comfort.

Free From Clogging: With its fully glazed 2″ trap-way, you can avoid irritating clogging problems.

  • Water-efficient flush system
  • EverClean surface
  • Comfortable
  • Features H2Option
  • Beautiful design
  • Provides UHET performance
  • The seat has not been included



Things to Consider While Buying the Strongest Flushing Toilet From the Market | Buyer’s Guide

One-Piece or Two-piece Toilet

Choosing the strongest flushing toilet is easy because all you need to consider is the flushing power right? Well, not so. Flushing power is crucial, but you should also look for other factors that make your purchase worth every penny. 

One-Piece or Two-piece Toilet?

Although the choice between one-piece and two-piece toilets isn’t that crucial, it can significantly impact your capacity to clean the toilet or the installation process.

One-piece toilets, such as the WOODBRIDGE T-0019 Cotton White Toilet or the TOTO UltraMax II Toilet, are built with the tank and bowl in a single piece, eliminating the difficult-to-clean fissures seen in two-piece toilets.

Furthermore, one-piece toilets often have a reduced profile, making them ideal for tiny bathrooms.

However, two-piece toilets are less expensive than one-piece toilets.

Suggested: One-piece Toilet 

Type of Flush?

Type of Flush

One of the most significant aspects of any toilet is the flushing system. So, you need to be careful in this section.

These three flushing technologies are most likely to be found on the market:

  • Gravity Flushing System
  • Pressure-assisted Flushing System
  • Dual Flushing System

Gravity flushing is an early technique that uses the weight of the water to drive it downhill.

Pressure-assisted flushing, on the other hand, employs compressed air to drive water down into the bowl. This system has a lot of flushing power, but it’s also rather loud.

Dual flushing systems have grown in popularity as a water-saving solution. This technology consumes around 25% less water than a standard toilet. 

Furthermore, these toilets allow you to pick between a partial flush and a full flush and allocate water appropriately.

Suggested: Dual Flush System

Water Consumption Rate

The quantity of water used by your toilet will be determined by the manufacturer and will be the same with each flush unless you have a dual-flush system. 

While toilets that use more water are less likely to clog but using more water will increase your water bill — and using 1.28 gallons or more water with each flush may build up to a significant amount over a year.  

In general, choose the most water-efficient toilet you can afford like, The American Standard Dual Flush Toilet.

Suggested: Water efficient toilet

Height and Comfortability

When looking for a toilet, don’t forget about comfort. Height is a vital factor in this case. Some individuals like a low toilet, while others prefer a taller one. 

Toilets that are 17 and 19 inches tall are commonly referred to as “comfort height” or tall toilets since the extra height makes it easier and more pleasant to sit on. Several modern models from Kohler, TOTO, and others are all ADA height compliant.

Most ADA-compliant toilets are 16.5 inches high, making them accessible to people with limited mobility.

In terms of wall-mounted toilets, they are height adjustable after installation. However, try to find a type that says ‘Universal Height’ or something similar.

Suggested: ADA-compliant Toilets 

Built Material

The great majority of toilets are constructed of porcelain, a type of ceramic that is extremely durable and easy to clean. 

Many toilets are covered with vitreous china, a high-gloss glaze that gives the toilet a contemporary and sleek appearance. 

However, ceramic flushing toilets are more delicate than vitreous china toilets.  

It’s worth noting that certain toilets, such as the one from TOTO UltraMax II Toilet, are built of plastic to save weight, but they’re also less durable in the long run.

Suggested: Ceramic or Porcelain

Toilet Shape and Size

Typically, the size of your toilet is determined by the size of your bathroom. Large bathrooms can support larger, roomier toilets, such as the American Standard Cadet type, but compact bathrooms, such as those found in a half-bathroom or an RV, will require a smaller toilet.

Toilet bowls are available in two main sizes: round and elongated. Many people like elongated toilets. However, circular toilets are ideal in tiny bathrooms since they take up less space.

Suggested: Elongated Toilets


Is There a Greater Risk of Clogging With Lower Water Consumption?

Sadly, yes, but to what extent depends on your toilet’s flushing mechanism. 

Using less water with each flush may save you water and money on your water bill. 

Meanwhile, you must ensure that you have enough water to flush your feces without clogging the toilet, which is where a dual-flush toilet may come in helpful.

How Does Flushing Toilets Work?

Typical contemporary toilets use only a few simple mechanical components. The remainder of the flush is powered by gravity and siphoning action.

To put it simply, the toilet is composed of three parts: The tank discharges two gallons of water into the bowl, commencing the siphon.

A siphon pushes waste and water down into the closet bend and out to the sewer by gravity. 

After that, the tank is refilled with fresh water and sanitized once again.

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Final Verdict

To consider all of the factors that contribute to the strength of a toilet, our overall three picks will be Swiss Madison Tropez One Piece Toilet,  WOODBRIDGE Cotton White Toilet, and TOTO UltraMax II Toilet.

To be more specific, the TOTO UltraMax II Toilet is the strongest flushing toilet on the list. As you know, quilty generates value for your money. All the toilets that we mentioned above feature strong flushing technologies like the dual flushing system. Also, they are built with high-end material that ensures durability.

Above all, our top three toilets are what you are looking for. These products are strong flushers as well as consume less water.  In other words, these toilet types are outstanding not only in terms of performance but also in terms of design and comfort.

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