Best Bathroom Faucets Reviews in 2022 & Buying Guide

There are various types, functions, sizes, and models of faucets. There are those more daring, and the traditional ones. You should choose the best bathroom faucets all the time.

Some are table-top and others are wall-mounte. There’s also that lovely faucet you saw at your friend’s house, but that has nothing to do with the model you saw in the store and loved it.

And I know what you’re thinking: “What now? Amidst so many options, how to choose the best bathroom faucets model for my house? “But, thinking of you and all that range of options spread out, we have built the Definitive Guide to Faucets.

The faucet is an essential parameter in the comfort of using a bathroom. Whether it’s a shower mixer, washbasin or bath, the imperatives are always the same: to have reliable, robust products, resistant to use, and accurate in reading the flow and temperature of the water. As such, these points below guarantees a certain level of security and reliability.

  • On the consumption side, it will also be ensured that the faucet offers functionalities allowing it to consume more efficiently and thus reduce its water bill.
  • A bathroom faucet for an aesthetic touch to your bathroom
  • By aesthetics, it implies that the tap must be in line with the style of the bathroom.
  • It must personalize the space as well as the washbasin or the bathroom furniture.
  • It is therefore important not to make an odd choice in the faucet, the latter being the focal point of a bathroom with the basin.
  • On the technical side, it will require it to deliver water at a constant rate and above all, that sustainability is at the rendezvous.

Faucets for Washbasins: Different Types and Models

All faucets do not always work with any type of bathroom sink, so it is essential to ensure that the faucet fits the basin (or vice versa).

Triple Hole Faucets: In classic or baroque style, these faucets are distinguish by a 3-hole outlet, two holes for cold water and hot water supply and a hole for maintaining the tap on the plan or the basin.

Single-Hole Faucets: A single handle activates hot and cold water, simply by sweeping the mechanism from right to left or vice versa.

As for the pressure, it is control by pushing the handle upwards. Only one hole is require to handle all these functions.

Wall Mounted Faucets: They require a specific installation in the wall for the water supply. Make sure the basin is deep enough to avoid splashing during use.

Our Top Pick Best Bathroom Faucets

Premier 120344LF Charlestown Lead-Free Two-Handle Bridge Kitchen Faucet

Premier 120344LF Charlestown Lead-Free Two-Handle Bridge Kitchen Faucet

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The first faucet on our list is the Premier 120344LF Charlestown Lead-Free Two-Handle Bridge Kitchen Faucet. The sweet name of this product also reflects in its quality, design, and service. This European style faucet is very durable and offering exquisite craftsmanship for the more aesthetic look of your kitchen. This striking faucet features a dual metal lever handle, passes the strict lead-free requirement of Vermont and with a sweet chrome finish.

The Premier 120344LF Charlestown Lead-Free Two-Handle Bridge Kitchen Faucet is very easy to install, although you will need the help of a professional plumber to get that done, but still plumbers are also humans and they don’t like faucets that gives a headache while installing it, even if it is the most beautiful best bathroom faucets in the world.

This awesome product just doesn’t come with the beautiful look, it is wear-resistant, has a high spout and a cool heavy matching spray. This makes it one of the best kitchen faucets in the market today. Let’s take a look at its pros and cons.


  • It is durable
  • It is easy to install
  • Meets the lead-free requirement of top faucets
  • Brings a lovely and beautiful look to your kitchen
  • It is easy to handle and use.
  • Possesses dual lever handle


  • Well, not everyone would love the color, and also its dual lever handle.

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Moen Eva Two-Handle Centerset Bathroom Faucet

Moen Eva Two-Handle Centerset Bathroom Faucet

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You probably anticipated that the Moen brand name would be mentioned in this best bathroom faucets review. Well, they have been in the industry for long to know what people are looking for when they come to buy bathroom installations.

The Moen Eva Two-Handle Centerset Lavatory Faucet is another top quality product from these guys. This product is design with top features, such as a swan-like spout, dual petal-like handles that ensure convenient water adjustment.

It should be also attention you to know that this product is equipped with the WaterSense criteria, and this means it conserves water and this doesn’t affect its performance. Biliriant isn’t it?

The Moen Eva Two-Handle Centerset Lavatory Faucet can deliver about 1.2 gallons of water per min with an aerated stream. This feature makes it extremely ideal for everyday tasks like hand washing, and for the best of it all, it is very easy to install and use.


  • It is easy to use
  • It is easy to install
  • Delivers up to 1.2 gallons per min
  • Water conservation feature
  • Perfect for everyday use
  • It is built durable
  • Gives your bathroom a lovely look.
  • Possesses hot and cold cartridges
  • It is budget-friendly


  • Just with any brushed nickel finishes, you’ve got to watch out for water spots.

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Moen Eva One-Handle High Arc Bathroom Faucet

Moen Eva One-Handle High Arc Bathroom Faucet

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Another Moen product really? Well yeah, and as with what we said about this brand, they are really taking this industry and market by the scruff of its neck, leaving almost no stone unturned.

The Meon Eva one-handle high arc best bathroom faucets come in hot with a design that gives off a timeless appeal to your home, which means that it is in nowhere going out of style soon in the modern world, its sophisticated lines will deliver a top-notch style that matches almost any home design and style.

Being manufacture and make available with a smoothly brush bronze finish that gives you a dark golden illusion, a top-notch chrome finish and an oil rubbed bronze. We have talked a lot about its aesthetics build, now let us dive in into the quality of this product.

The Meon Eva one-handle high arc best bathroom faucets is built for a single-hole mounting, even though its manufacturers said that it can also be used in a three-hole installation that really is the job of a professional plumber to find out how to use its extension kits.

This faucet just like all Meon faucets meets the WaterSense criteria in which we explain what it was above. It comes with a higher flow of 1.5 gallons per minute, and don’t worry, it doesn’t affect its performance also. This faucet is built durable and with a lovelier feature of a laminar stream flow ad, this ensures a clear and quiet flow of water.


  • It is reliable
  • It comes with a lasting modern design
  • Higher water flow per minute (1.5 gallons per minute)
  • It is easy to install
  • It is durable
  • No noise water flow


  • Its higher flow rate might not be ideal for some people

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Delta 2538-MPU-DST Lahara Two Handle Bathroom Faucet

Delta 2538-MPU-DST Lahara Two Handle Bathroom Faucet

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Talk of where technology meets beauty, then you ought to mention the Delta 2538-MPU-DST Lahara Two Handle Centerset Bathroom Faucets. This faucet with chrome finish is not only an eye-catcher, but the way it gracefully carries out its services is top-notch and that has make it find a place in our best bathroom faucets of 2022.

These product manufacturers have boast of reducing leak points with their patented diamond seal technology, which lasts even as twice longer than the industry standard, and this ensures a leak-free operation of this faucet. Another graceful feature of this feature can be seen in its innovative Touch20 technology and the In2tition 2-in-1 Shower technology.

The Touch20 technology ensures that your faucet works with just a touch to turn it on or off, while the In2tition ensures that you get water where you need it the most. Interesting features from this brand isn’t it? It is also worth to mention that this faucet passes the WaterSense requirement in the industry today, thereby saving you more water.

It is a very durable faucet that is beautifully designed and works very effective too. Let us look at its pros and cons.


  • Meets the WaterSense criteria
  • Leak points protection feature
  • Very durably built
  • Budget-friendly
  • Perfect for a smart home with its Touch20 tech
  • It is very beautifully design


  • Doesn’t spit out its water noiselessly.

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Premier Faucet 284446 Sanibel Lead-Free Single Handle Lavatory Faucet

Premier Faucet 284446 Sanibel Lead Free Single Handle Lavatory Faucet

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We are now back to the Premier brand of faucet, for this faucet to have made it to the best bathroom faucets of 2022. It is not just a beautiful faucet but a very efficient one. This faucet has been well built and its manufacturers have made this faucet a top competitor in the market with its astounding features. Meets the WaterSense criteria for a more efficient water-saving and a lead-free waterway which is the strict requirement by the authorities in this industry.

The Premier Faucet 284446 Sanibel Lead-Free Single Handle Lavatory Faucet features a decorative waterfall-style spout, it integrates a blend of both vintage appeals of old water pumps and the modern look of water pumps. It is very easy to install the pump that is expect to last long because of the brass material that it was built with.

This faucet is bound to attract a keen eye to your bathroom with its unique design and service. You might want to know it as a heavy flow of 1.5 gm. Here is the Premier Faucet 284446 Sanibel Lead-Free Single Handle Lavatory Faucet pros and cons.


  • That is very durable
  • These really beautify the bathroom
  • It saves water.
  • This is budget friendly
  • It gives off a trouble-free performance


  • It would require routine cleaning.

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American Standard 7385.000.002 Reliant 3 Bathroom Centerset Faucet

American Standard 7385.000.002 Reliant 3 Bathroom Centerset Faucet

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The American Standard 7385.000.002 Reliant 3 Bathroom Centerset Faucet is an ideal solution for modern and also moderate bathrooms. Just like every other faucet we are discussing in this article, it is a best bathroom faucets. But beauty isn’t the main reason for purchasing it, and not to worry, it also excels at the main service it was built to render.

Just like the name, the American Standard 7385.000.002 Reliant 3 Bathroom Centerset Faucet was built with considerations to the American standard, which means meeting strict criteria such as WaterSense feature and low lead requirement.

This faucet is very easy to install because it has been pre-assembled, it is however arguably the easiest faucet to install in the market today.

Looking into the quality of this product, it is a very durable faucet made to be both drip-free and Worry-free. You won’t have to worry about the maintenance of this faucet. It is also built with the safety of the consumers in mind with its integrate feature of hot water and cold water mixer that reduces or even prevents the risk of scalding.


  • It is a very durable faucet
  • It is very easy to install
  • This faucet meets the WaterSense criteria.
  • It passes the low lead requirements for faucets.
  • Looks good in both modern and moderate bathrooms.
  • It is drip-free
  • This faucet is maintenance free.


  • Its handle could make slimmer.

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Delta 567LF-PP Modern Single-Handle Bathroom Faucet

Delta 567LF-PP Modern Single-Handle Bathroom Faucet

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Another faucet from the Delta guys finds its way into our list for the best bathroom faucets for 2022. The Delta 567LF-PP Modern Single-Handle Bathroom Faucet just like it’s sibling above, they’re both hot competitors in this industry.

This faucet comes with a single handle but equip with awesome features that make it stand out in the tight competition, and that is the ability to reduce water use even less than required of faucet manufacturers.

It is designed to fit into almost any bathroom and still gives it an elegant look, plus top-notch service. Just like it’s sibling above, its water saving feature does not in any way affect its performance. It is also normal to install and requires low to no maintenance.

Considering its price, this faucet is a real steal, because of its utility and integrate features. Here are some of its pros and cons.


  • It saves more water than the required of the industry.
  • It’s a water saving feature that does not affect its performance.
  • It built with durable materials
  • That is a low noise faucet
  • It’s budget friendly
  • That is easy to clean
  • It is an attractive faucet


  • A longer host would welcome.

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Moen Brantford Two-Handle Low-Arc Widespread Bathroom Faucet

Moen Brantford Two-Handle Low-Arc Widespread Bathroom Faucet

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Another Moen faucet sneaks into our list again in this article, cool isn’t it? Well, it shouldn’t be of no surprise to guys that are not a novice in this industry. Moen is arguably the biggest name heard in the global market of bathroom installations and not just faucets.

The Moen Brantford Two-Handle Low-Arc Widespread Bathroom Faucet is another smooth addition to their already successful brands of bathroom faucets. This faucet is just there to satisfy whatever the best bathroom faucets need you may have. It is eco-friendly, it is easy to install, it saves water (meets the WaterSense criteria). This is easy to clean and requires low maintenance. And a real plus is its low noise work feature which is appreciated by most of their consumers.

The Moen Brantford Two-Handle Low-Arc Widespread Bathroom Faucet is a very beautiful faucet that will give your bathroom an elegant look, anywhere you choose to install it, bathtub, sink etc. You should also note that, just like it’s other Moen faucet siblings, it provides an aerated stream of up to 1.2 gallons of water per minute.

Finally, with this awesome product, we should not forget to mention that it is easily customizable. Let’s us consider its pros and cons.


  • That is an attractive faucet
  • Very easy to install
  • Easily and highly customizable
  • Meets WaterSense criteria
  • It is a very durable faucet
  • The low noise work function
  • Easy to clean


  • A higher spout, in my opinion, would be a good idea.

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BWE Chrome Waterfall Bathroom Faucet Single Handle One Hole Deck Mount Lavatory

BWE Chrome Waterfall Bathroom Faucet

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In the faucet industry, it is not easy to find a faucet that is beautiful, made with brass, offers top service and still kept budget-friendly by its manufacturers. The BWE Chrome Waterfall Bathroom Faucet Single Handle One Hole Deck Mount Lavatory is one of those rare gems in the market today, and it deserves its place in our list.

This faucet is being manufactured with brass, and that means you should be expecting a highly durable product when you decide to go for it. Although it’s the material for its handle is a zinc alloy, it is still a steal for the price it offers.

In design, the BWE Chrome Waterfall Best Bathroom Faucets Single Handle One Hole Deck Mount Lavatory offers its own unique design and style. It can be installed in any bathroom from moderate to modern bathrooms and it will still excel. It should also be noted that this faucet has an additional feature of cold and hot water mixture. Here are its pros and cons


  • This is made of highly durable materials
  • It is easy to install
  • It’s very convenient to use
  • It is very budget friendly
  • It can fit into any bathroom
  • Features hot and cold water mixer.


  • Need to be clean always.

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Stainless Steel Single Hole Lavatory Single Handle Brushed Nickel Bathroom Faucet

KINGO HOME Contemporary Stainless Steel Single Hole Lavatory Single Handle Brushed Nickel Bathroom Faucet

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The Kingo Home Contemporary Stainless Steel Single Hole Lavatory Single Handle Brushed Nickel Bathroom Faucet is another material made of solid brass in our list of best bathroom faucets for 2022.

This faucet can withstand corrosion and tarnishing because of its solid brass material, and this ensures its durability.

The Kingo Home Contemporary Stainless Steel Single Hole Lavatory Single Handle Brushed Nickel Bathroom Faucet comes with an elegant design that cannot be overlooked in the market. Its low noise, the WaterSense feature makes it appear in our list today.

It should be remarked that it is very easy to install the faucet, designed to be used almost effortlessly. Let us know about the Kingo Home Contemporary Stainless Steel Single Hole Lavatory Single Handle Brushed Nickel Bathroom Faucet pros and cons.


  • Can withstand corrosion with everyday use.
  • Can withstand tarnishing with everyday use.
  • It is easy to install
  • Can control water temperature
  • It is easy to use
  • These are budget friendly
  • Gives the bathroom an elegant look


  • Does not have the option to adjust water flow.

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Things to Consider Before Buying a Best Bathroom Faucets

Best Bathroom Faucets

How to Choose Your Bathroom Faucet?

In the bathroom, the choice of a best bathroom faucets, basin faucet, a hand shower, a rainy sky should meet aesthetic and technological criteria. Whether you are a fan of the shower or the bath, the classic or the contemporary, you will find below how to perfect your decision.

The act of buying a faucet for the bathroom is primarily motivated by design, to the ease of use and functionality. We are here to give you all the keys to choose your sink faucet, your shower faucet. To you, the bathroom should be comfortable, water and energy efficient, and chic.

The Color of Faucets, and Materials

Coordinating your faucet with the rest of the accessories of a bathroom is essential. We will have the choice between:

  • Brass (“antique” or polished finish)
  • The bronze
  • Chrome (matt, glossy, satin)
  • The copper
  • Nickel (brushed)
  • Stainless steel

Good to Know: Choose a Stain and Water-Insensitive Material to Simplify Cleaning

Think about it, some bathroom faucets are market in the form of “packs” with interchangeable textures, such as brass or chrome. If your bathroom already has copper fittings, consider combining materials and textures such as copper with brass, in “antique” finish, stainless steel with aluminum in “polished” finish. By coordinating the accessories we will give a general coherence to the bathroom.

Faucet Control Options

There are a number of options only to open and close your best bathroom faucets! Beyond your personal use, think of all those likely to use the tap before you commit to a model, whether they are your children, your parents (aged) passage, etc. The tap must be easy to use.

The Handle “Lever” Tap: Its design must be ergonomic and suitable for any type of hand. It is found in a multitude of decorative styles and textures. His style is contemporary or modern.

Cross Handle or Valve Format: The handle is turn horizontally or vertically to activate the flow. This style is rather retro and classic.

The Push Handle: Exit the handle to lift or turn, a touch of a finger on a button is enough to run the water. This style is resolutely modern.

The Infrared Detection System: An infrared sensor automatically detects the passage of hands to operate the mechanism. No tap need except for the manually operated temperature handle.

The Manual Infrared Detection System: Similar to infrared models, these valves simply require that the water inlet is activated by means of a temperature control handle.

The Manufacture of the Faucet and its Standards

Each type of valve has at the heart of its construction an internal valve that controls the flow of water through the spout. The quality of the valve, with or without a washer, determines the reliability and durability of the valve.

Faucets with a Washer

These are the most classic; A rod that goes up and down to open and close the passage of water.

The most resistant faucets are made from corrosion-resistant solid brass.

Non-washer Valves

They use rubber O-rings in a cylindrical cartridge to control the flow of water. These faucets are very reliable, especially if they are equip with a brass cartridge.

Ball Valves

They have a piece of metal or plastic that regulates the amount of water entering. The probability of a failure is greatly reduce. If the plastic piece eventually wears out, a metal piece will design to last.

Ceramic Disc Valves

They require almost no maintenance: They have two ceramic discs that slide against each other to cut or let water. The seal is waterproof because the discs are flat.

Let us now see which bathroom faucets made our list today and why.

Bathroom Taps: Design and Maintenance

The choice of the best bathroom faucets is usually made after the washbasin, cabinet, bathtub, shower, and cladding (tile or other). Therefore, the design is an important criterion.  If you want a very clean bathroom, the recess is the ideal solution. All the bodies are in the wall, no pipe is visible! Not only is aesthetics at the rendezvous but maintenance is facilitate.

The less there are salient parts and the less there is to shine, and also the recessed solution for the shower allows to personalize its installation: head shower or ceiling multi-jet more or less wide, side jets, but also the integration of modules light, sound or steam. The shower area becomes a private SPA!

The styles are very varied: from classic to rounded forms to very contemporary with straight lines and cubic volumes.

Bathroom Faucets: Comfort According to the Habits

The comfort of use results from the habits of everyone in the bathroom. Do you wash your teeth or your hair under the tap? In this case, it is better to opt for a faucet with a rather high and swiveling spout. Moreover, the majority of the collections of the different brands offer a choice of nose heights for the same model; enough to equip the small washbasin or the raise washbasin.

Bathroom Tap and Basin: The Right Proportions

To this is added a technical criterion relating to the proportions: check the adequacy between the basin and the tap. Along washbasin will accommodate three-hole faucets, a classic basin rather a single-hole faucet. Do not hesitate to ask a professional (salesman, architect or installer heating-sanitary).

There are three types of single -control basin mixers: single hole, two-hole wall (the recess solution that also offers several nozzle lengths), electronic (infrared trigger). In order to save water while maintaining user comfort.

  • The mixer is equipped with two braces, one for hot water and one for cold water. The mixture of the temperature and the flow are controlled with both hands. This type of the best bathroom faucets sticks to the classic style (ex: three holes on a marble floor).
  • When the mixer is apparent, it distributes only a water outlet. That of the hand shower often equipped with several jets with an economic function. The thermostatic mixing valve is very often chosen for its comfort of use: the temperature is predefined and constant; equipped with an eco-function, it consumes half less water. Finally, safety at 38 ° C is an essential point for safety. If the solution is recessed, three outlets are possible: the hand shower, the overhead shower, and the side jets. Multi-jet rain skies can have up to 8 water outlets, i.e. 8 functions [cascade jets, Bokoma jets (massaging undulant), air-enriched Rain O2 jet, etc.].
  • The shower system is the intermediate solution widely adopted by the consumer. It allows to take advantage of an overhead shower and a hand shower from an apparent system: the overhead shower has different shapes (round, oval, square) and diameters (160 to 400 mm).
  • For the bath, a wide range of faucets is available: From the mixer to the wall or floor mixer, via the thermostatic mixing valve, the above-ground mixer for the bathtub (floor-standing and taps outside the bathtub) or recess solutions for single or thermostatic mixing valves.

The Design

The faucet is an integral part of the bathroom decor. Some models have an architectural design, where the material is faceted as for a sculpture. Others have an angled spout and lever that invite interaction. The finishes are refined: shades of gray to golden-copper. Some handhelds are available even in all the colors of the rainbow.


Wireless digital technology is one of the latest advances in the bathroom. Control rollers positioned on the vanity top, the bathtub or the wall of the shower control the opening and closing of the water as well as the regulation of its flow. The memory function ensures that the saved settings will be recalled each time.

The rotary pushbutton, inspired by pool showers, invests the domestic shower. The “start-and-stop” mechanism adjusts both the water release and shutdown as well as the water flow.

The chromotherapy brings a certain well-being in the bathroom. The luxury is to combine sound and steam for a new shower experience. This Bluetooth technology requires the use of an iPod Touch or an iPhone.

The Environmental Impact

Awareness of the importance of saving water and energy also depends on technological development. All water stations are concerned: for the washbasin, a reduction in flow is allowed.

Bathroom Taps: Quality Criteria

The quality criteria of the faucet are many: the design, the materials used, the flexibility of use or the precise adjustment of the temperature.

Quality faucet offers consistent performance throughout its life. Based on quality certification: it guarantees the performance of the product on the criteria such as durability, the accuracy of the advertised characteristics (flow, a precision of adjustment, acoustics), the quality of manufacture.

Advantages of the High-End Shower Faucet

Some brands stand out from others in terms of range in the field of shower fittings. Luxury products for households, but also the most luxurious hotels are available at the best price on the internet. The faucets we listed above are among the most appreciated brands in terms of design, the comfort of use or technology!

What are the benefits of buying a luxury best bathroom faucets for the shower and bathroom? The answer is simple: quality and design.

  • Quality because it is know that the high-end is above all the quality of manufacture, the quality of the materials use, the quality of the finishes and the quality of the after-sales service. While the use is the same, however, the quality also offers integrated technologies.
  • Design because a luxury faucet must make the difference visually compare to good markets.
  • The Options of High-End Shower Faucets: The options are really varies from one brand to another.
  • Thermostatic Option for Most Models: Technology that limits the temperature of hot water. Shower heads found mainly in the top faucet brands.
  • Economic Option: faucets are equipped with a water saving system. A characteristic of most top faucet mixer for a quality shower.
  • Electronic Option: the high-end offers this feature to be in the same era as the technology of our planet. Everything is electronic, so why not taps?
  • Option Design: very extensive as an option, because we can mention the style, the manufacture and other elements that make the design is appreciate.
  • You have a simple design with one or two details that catch the eye. It also has the retro design, but the manufacturer was well cared for and uses the chrome model. You also have the timeless design whose technology has completely change its handling.

What Are the Top Models?


Let’s start with the most basic. This model is simple, with a single record that regulates the flow of water. It is used when you do not have (or do not want to put) hot and cold water in the same outlet.


These are the ones that give you the possibility of getting hot water and cold water from the same faucet. With mixers, as the name says, you can mix hot and cold water at the same time, or choose just one temperature.


Instead of using a register, it has a lever that, when moved to one side, releases the hot water outlet, and to the other side, cold water. This model is the most practical among mixers since you do not have to manipulate two registers.

Dual Command has two registers and controls the output of the two temperatures separately. With this model, it is easier to mix the two temperatures and get to one that pleases you.

With Timer

The trend of an economy and the conscious use of natural resources, the timer faucet has come up in order to lessen excessive spending on water. It is triggered at the push of a button, and a few seconds later it closes automatically. This keeps someone from forgetting it open. Widely used in public restrooms.

Which is the Best Place for Each Model?

Bathroom: If your home has hot and cold plumbing, you should use the mixers. For both the shower head and the sink, there are a single lever and dual control options. Now, if you do not have hot water, forget the mixers (which are much more expensive) and place a conventional best bathroom faucets.

Toilet: The use of water in the toilet is very fast, so no need to use hot water. Opt for a standard faucet.

Kitchen: When you live in a very, very cold place, it is possible to choose a faucet with a mixer for the kitchen. However, as in most parts of the country, winter is not very strict, so there is no need to put hot water in the kitchen.

Tip 1: Remember not to use round logs in the kitchen. It is difficult to open a tap like this when your hand is greasy.

Tip 2: If you put hot water in the kitchen, you run the risk of using all the hot water in the home and it ends up at the time of the bath. Watch out!

Service Area: to the laundry room and outside areas is worth the last tip was given to the kitchen. You do not need hot water to wash your clothes or clean the floor, do you agree?

What Materials are there?

Metal: When the part is metal, its interior can be made of stainless steel, zinc alloy, copper alloy or brass, which is the most resistant to corrosion. The chrome exterior also helps with protection, especially if you have double-layer nickel plating.

ABS: ABS is a plastic (called engineering plastic) rather sturdy. Because it is a cheaper material, they are of lower value than metal taps. However, it has a lower durability. On the appearance, it can be white (original color) or can also be chrome, imitating the metal taps.

Where to Install My Faucet?

This is one of the most important questions when it comes to residential faucets.

Choosing one of two types of faucet installation, wall or bench, you will be determining all other issues since the water points of your environment are directly linked to that decision.

You should choose where you will install your faucet before running the hydraulic points, as each situation establishes a different height. In addition, the house plumbing should already be preparing to fix the faucet on the wall or to be under the sink.

So let’s specify each type to end your doubts.

Table Faucet: it is the most common and most useful option in Brazil. It is attached directly to the bench or to the support tank (be sure to check that your tank already has the holes ready to receive the faucet).

Low Spout Faucet: it is the most common and easy to find in several models.

High Spout Faucet: if for your bathroom, you choose a support tank that does not have the holes to receive the water points, you need to install the best bathroom faucets directly on the bench. To reach the ideal height when your hands fall under the jet of water, you will need to use a high spout. It is also used in kitchens.

Tip: When attached directly to the bench, these faucets give you a different and innovative installation option. Instead of putting it behind the tub, you can dare and install your faucet next to the sink and leave your bathroom with an extra charm.

Wall Faucet: they are mainly used when the support tank does not have the holes to receive the water points. The faucets install on the wall are fitte with the built-in siphon, freeing up space in the cabinet under the sink. However, the fact that it is built in makes maintenance more complicate because if there is a leak, it will be necessary to break the wall to repair.

Tip: Always keep some tiles and floors of your building, for this type of situation.

Floor Tap: fixed directly to the floor, was created for situations in which there are no walls or countertops for faucet installation. However, nothing prevents you from innovating and using a faucet like this in your home. Because they are highly different, they have a higher value than the others.

Which Model Suits My Décor?

Even objects that seem merely to fulfill a function, have gained a new outfit, and are no longer just useful and have become part of the interior design project.

In addition to being part of the decor, the metals show the essence of the homeowner. So when it comes to choosing the models it is essential to understand that this will determine throughout the bathroom decor.

There are several design styles for an environment: classic, modern, rustic, clean, and many others. If you opt for a cleaner look, for example, a gold faucet full of arabesques will contrast with everything else, disrupting all other decorative objects. A poorly made choice can destroy the look you intend to create.

Tip: Do not forget to choose all metals (log, paper, towel rack) matching the taps. Ask your salesperson if you own the entire line in the store.

What Else Do I Need to Know About Faucets?

Bathroom Faucet: The water jet should be close to the drain. If you get too far behind, your hand may not fit in the sink, or the water will come out from the side of the tub. At the same time, if it is too far ahead, the water may fall out of the sink.

Kitchen Faucet: In order for you to have enough space to wash both food and bigger pots and dishes, it is necessary that the space between the spout from which the water comes out and the bench should be at least 30 cm high, regardless of whether the faucet is fixed to the countertop or wall.

Mobile Nozzle Tap: still talking about kitchens, these are the most indicated models. Because they are malleable, you can move and reach the hardest corners of the sink. There are also taps with a hose, which reach up to 60 cm further than the water jet.

Aerator: Arguably, use the aerator. This simple piece, which in many models already coupled to the faucet, saves water consumption by up to 50%, as we talked about in this other article on water saving. By adding air to the water, it reduces the volume of the jet but does not interfere with its use.

If your tap does not have the ring attache, just buy it separately. You just need to check the aerator fittings and faucet.

Maintenance: Choose brands that have technical assistance in your city or in a nearby city. This will make your life easy when you need to solve any problem. Never open the tap to try to repair a damage. Take it to the technician, not to lose the warranty!

Final Verdict

The right faucet can be making beautiful your bathroom. If you choose the best bathroom faucets then your bathroom looking so beautiful. I want to say when you buy a faucet must see color and style. If your bathroom color black then you should buy a black color faucet then looking so beautiful.

Finally, I say when you buy a faucet must see this faucet color, price, and system.

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