Best Acrylic Bathtub Reviews in 2022 : Our Top 10 Pick

If you are looking for the best acrylic bathtub for home, you are in the right place. Nothing gets the spirit of slowing down and hitting it up in a hot tub at the terminal of a rough day.

While some people favor the feel of standing in a shower and feeling the water pound down on them, others love soaking their stiff and sensitive muscles in a bathtub.

Among the large brands, acrylic is the stuff that is commonly used to create the most durable bathtubs. Acrylic is non-porous, strong and possesses an attractive glass-like polish.

What is The Best acrylic bathtub?

Acrylic bathtubs are constructed of vacuum-shaped sheets of acrylic, often reinforced with fiberglass for added strength. Since the fabric is inherently delicate and supple, it’s the perfect fabric for a big variety of tub shapes and sizes.

Acrylic is lightweight, thus it can be installed on any level of the dwelling. It’s also easy to maintain, repairable, and damage-resistant. Reading the best acrylic bathtub pros and cons you have to choose the best one for you.

Here is a list of the best acrylic bathtub for your beautiful home.

Top 3 Best Acrylic Bathtub: Editor’s Top Pick

Best Acrylic Bathtub Reviews 

So, after many research, we collected the list of the best acrylic bathtub for your use. In this section, brief information on this product will be provided. Not further due, let’s dive into it.

Empava 67″ Freestanding Bathtub Soaking SPA Flat Bottom Stand Alone Tub

Empava EMPV-FT1518 Freestanding bathtubs 67 inch White

>>View Details on Amazon<<

If you are looking for a modern luxury bathtub for your bathroom this Empava would be one of the best choices. This Oval Shaped bathtub features a large capacity with Curvy white finish.

While its glossy white finish will surely improve your bathroom’s décor; its solid construction ensures that you get the tub’s services for the longest time possible. The bath features an acrylic body reinforced with fiberglass for extra intensity and durability.

In summation, the bath has a waste and overflow drainage system, to ensure that you can never mess your bathroom during an overflow or have stagnant water in the bathtub. The acrylic made tub measures 67 x 31 x 27inches and holds a 58-gallon capacity to help you soak in a tender and luxurious pool of water with ease.

Multiple essential accessories like faucet and drainage also come with it. All in all, this is one of the best solid surface bathtubs in the market right now. Empava luxury bathtub got much attention from many online review sites. This product got top rating due to its quality features.


1. Can Brushed nickel be used for its drain and overflow finishes?

Ans: Yes, but it’s a tough job take help from a plumber.

2. What color is used in drain and overflow?

Ans: Chrome.

3. Is it double walled?

Ans: It seems to be but it’s kind of insulated.

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KINGSTON BRASS VTDE603122R 60-Inch Contemporary Alcove Acrylic Bathtub

KINGSTON BRASS VTDE603122R 60-Inch Contemporary Alcove Acrylic Bathtub with Right Hand Drain and Overflow Holes

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Kingston Brass’ primary mission is to become the preeminent supplier of cost-effective, high-quality products in the plumbing community. Our focus has allowed us to grow by leaps and bounds in just a few years by identifying the key problems in manufacturing today and working them.

Acrylic Alcove Bathtubs are perfect for a bathroom where space is restricted. These tubs fit where the ramparts have been planned in such a manner that it’s simple to remove the old and replace with a shiny new tub.

Kingston Brass designed our Alcove tubs to specific measurements and then there’s no demand to ‘doctor’ space after the new tub is set up. You besides experience the convenience of choosing a Left or Right-hand drain to accommodate your replacement needs.

Create lasting memories of the bubble baths with your children or relax from the tensions of the day with a top-notch alcove tub by Kingston Brass.

Extremely user-friendly with effortless installation and simplistic construction, the alcove tub is the perfect summation to your home if you are looking for pristine performance and polished refinery.

The Aqua Eden 60-Inch Acrylic Alcove Tub with Right Hand Drain and Overflow Hole will wholly beautify your home for years to come thanks to its durable and easily repairable acrylic construction.


1. Can the side of the tub be tilled?

Ans: Yes. It’s tilled sidewise.

2. Does this provide drain kits?

Ans: No. You need to purchase them individually.

3. Is this a liner tub?

Ans: No.

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AKDY Bathroom White Color FreeStand Acrylic Bathtub AZ-F277

AKDY Bathroom White Color FreeStand Acrylic Bathtub AZ-F277

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It is a big bathtub that has been planned to be utilized by single or two people and it is deep enough for you to be fully immersed while you’re enjoying your soak. This stunning freestanding bathtub has a striking figure that will get you the envy of all your acquaintances.

Part of the AKDY Serenity Collection, it is an oval shaped bathroom with a sparkling clean finish. With a non-porous surface, this bath is both sanitary and antibacterial.

You can clean this tub in no time and won’t bear to use harsh chemicals. This bathtub comes with adjustable feet so that it can be flushed properly.

Since it is a big bathtub with a freestanding shape, it is desirable for any larger bathroom and doesn’t ask to be nestled beside a wall or in an alcove.


1. This tub seems to dead center. Is it?

Ans: Yes. Its dead center.

2. Can a 6.3-inch person be immersed easily in it?

Ans: Yes. It will be easy for the 6.3-inch person to be completely immersed in it.

3. Is it suitable for first-floor installation?

Ans: Yes.

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Ferdy 67” Freestanding Bathtub White Modern Stand Alone Bathtub

FerdY 67 Freestanding bathtub White Modern Stand Alone bathtub Soaking Bathtub

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This tub from Ferdy is beautiful it will become the center part for your bathroom thanks to the white acrylic look and the highly curved double slipper design. The capability of the bath is slightly along the low side at 52 gallons and users could feel the conflict.

Many, especially tall users over 5’9”, found that the tub was too low to fully stretch out since the curvature leaves little flat area along the underside of the bathtub. Despite the double slipper features, it would be uncomfortable to squeeze two people in the tub.

If the small size is better for fitting in your privy, the acrylic construction is lightweight. The bath also includes a center drain and overflow drain, although the fixtures are not customizable to correspond with your bathroom décor.

Users found that installing the tub was easy thanks to the lightweight design, adjustable feet for leveling it, and the flexible drain tube included with the bathtub.

Another advantage of this tub is that unlike many competitor models that arrive with a one-year warranty, FerdY offers a two-year warranty on this tub.


1. Does it have a pop-up drain?

Ans: Yes. There is pop up brass drain connector with it.

2. Is there any kit for a shower?

Ans: No. it only comes with the tub.

3. Does this come with other sizes?

Ans: No. Only one size is available right now.

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AKDY F210 Bathroom White Color Free Standing Acrylic Bathtub

AKDY F210 Bathroom White Color Free Standing Acrylic Bathtub

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AKDY f210 is one of the most popular and demanding bathtubs today. While AKDY bathtubs are mostly renowned for its unique, curved contours, the acrylic builds also boost its aesthetic charm. The acrylic fabric makes the fancy tub light, stain free and generally stylish.

Besides its design, AKDY F210 features a roomy bathing area that can accommodate up to 79 gals of water.AKDY model features an elegant freestanding design and a pearl white finish for an overall aesthetically appealing finish. Its curving contours, a deep bathing area, and smooth lines further added beauty to the already sleek tub.

This AKDY model is one of the most spacious tubs you can get today. With the capability to carry 79 gals of water, you obtain the opportunity to soak yourself in a deep pool of water and enjoy a deluxe bathroom. One of the best pieces about this bathtub is that it’s a customer favorite.

It has topped numerous online reviews thanks to the combination of quality engineering and helpful features. Designed for easy installation. Being a freestanding bathtub, you have little installation work to perform.


1. Is the drain centered or dead-ended?

Ans: Drain is located on center.

2. Does this fit two people?

Ans: No.

3. Can the person in it lay both ways?

Ans: Yes, anyone can lay both ways.

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Carver Tubs AR7242 Whirlpool Tubs

Carver Tubs AR7242 Whirlpool Tubs

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Maybe you don’t receive the amount of room necessary for a corner tub, but you would nevertheless like to enjoy a bath system that includes a heater and plenty of jets. Well then, this is the tub for you! It provides all of the same characteristics as the above corner tub while keeping a much smaller profile.

This builds it an idealistic option for someone with a smaller bathroom, which is fronting for a spa-like bathing experience that doesn’t take up a ton of room. This drop-in style tub is nice and long, which would allow most adults to extend out with relief.

Being a drop-in the bath with a set of features, this could be a tricky tub to put in. If you do choose this tub, don’t be afraid to start out a professional’s help on the install.


1. How much volt is it?

Ans: Its 120 volt.

2. How much deep is it?

Ans: 21 inches.

3. Does the heater provide thermostat?

Ans: No. The heater will activate whenever the whirlpool system is running. The inline heater operates with a 110V power supply then it is merely contrived to keep the temperature.

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KOHLER K-1229-LA-0 Mariposa 5.5-Foot Bath

KOHLER K-1229-LA-0 Mariposa 5.5-Foot Bath, White

>>View Details on Amazon<<

If you are attending for the best acrylic bathtub overall, then look no farther than this offering from Kohler. It is a simple pattern, which delivers a textured bottom for grip, lumbar supports, and armrests for a comfortable bathing experience.

It is likewise one of the lightest tubs out there, weighing in at a mere 79 lbs. This is likewise one of the most family-friendly acrylic tubs on the marketplace today. Since it is an alcove style tub, it provides more waterproof surfaces than other tub types.

If you have ever had to bathe a young kid, you’ll understand how essential this is. They get along, afterward all, seem to get water all over! This is beside a super simple tub to install, both because it is cheap and because it has a simple purpose.


1. Where the drain located?

Ans: Drain located on the left side of it.

2. Is it a deep soaker tub?

Ans: Its 14-inches deep tub.

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American Standard 7236V002.222 Evolution 6-Feet by 36-Inch Deep-Soak Bathtub

American Standard 7236V002.222 Evolution 6-Feet by 36-Inch Deep-Soak Bathtub

>>View Details on Amazon<<

Now this time let me give you information on American Standard bathtubs. The lack of jets might not permit you to start out the massage of your aspirations while you bath, but it will spare you a ton of money on your purchase, which is invariably a huge addition.

This bath also features contoured arm grooves, which builds it easy to kick back and unwind. This drop-in style tub is also one of the most extensive and longest on the market, making it ideal for both grownups and kids. Though, since it is a drop-in style tub, it is a bit more difficult to install than some others on our inclination.

It is also on the weighty side, which might make it hard to lug upstairs unless you receive plenty of help. But this is a heavy weighted tub. And this product also providing a long time warranty.


1. Can it fit 2 people easily?

Ans: Yes, obviously.

2. Which sided drain is providing it?

Ans: It’s on your choice. It can be installed either side.

3. Does it provide the optional apron?

Ans: No. It does not provide the optional apron.

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Woodbridge 67” Modern Freestanding Bathtub

WoodBridge 67 Modern Freestanding Bathtub

>>View Details on Amazon<<

Here we hold one of the most elegant and eye-catching acrylic tubs on the marketplace today. Unlike our previous entry, which could only accommodate about 50 gallons of water at a time, this tub ups the ante and can contain a massive 60 gallons!

If you are expecting for a tub to take extended soaks in, then this just might be the perfect one for you. But like most stand-alone bathtubs, this one is comparatively minute. This is because they are designed to just carry one individual at a time.

This individual should be an adult as well, as the high sides could be a problem for young children to handle. This also applies the parents of those children as well, as the high sides might make it impossible to easily reach in and watch their kids easily.


1. Can a wall faucet be used?

Ans: Yes, you have to order individually.

2. Is it a flexible drain tube used on the drain?

Ans: Yes.

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 Maykke Barnet 61″ Modern Oval Acrylic Bathtub

MAYKKE Barnet 61 Modern Oval Acrylic Bathtub Retains Heat White Freestanding Comfortable Soaking Tub

>>View Details on Amazon<<

If you are looking for a tub that will not just let you soak your weary bones after a long day but also is a piece of a showpiece in your toilet, then this might be the tub for you. It features an elegant and uncomplicated invention which is appealing to the optic.

Even though this tub looks good though, where it really shines is its content. It can carry over 50 gals of water. This cooks it a great tub to soak to rejuvenate your physical structure. This would not be a good tub for small fries, all the same, as its depth could be baffling for a parent attempting to watch their child.

It is also not a tub for a larger individual, as it is relatively narrow in comparison to some of the tubs on the marketplace today. Putting in this tub might get a bit dodgy too, especially since it is so hard. If you want to catch this thing up the stairs, make sure you accept some assistance.


1. Does it have an internal overflow?

Ans: Yes, there is an internal overflow though it’s not been there in the photo.

2. Where is it made?

Ans: It’s made in China.

3. Is it leveling featured?

Ans: Yes, you can level this adjusting with your floor.

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 Consider Before Buying The Best Acrylic Bathtub

Best Acrylic Bathtub Buying Guide

It completes the information of the best acrylic bathtub. Now in this section, we will discuss the Buying guide for you to choose the best one for you…

Acrylic Tub or Iron Tub?

Most bathtubs you will find around are either constructed of metal or acrylic. Metal is definitely harder and more indestructible, but acrylic is wildly popular. So, which, among the two is the best element for your next bathtub?

Acrylic Tub

Acrylic bathtubs are lighter and a lot easier to set up. With an average weight of 300 pounds, you could install an acrylic tub anywhere in your home. When properly engineered, an acrylic bathtub is able to conserve high temperature for a longer time than metal or fiberglass would.

In terms of price, acrylic tubs are less expensive. A quality, the best acrylic bathtub will cost $1000 or less, compared to cast iron tubs which can be more expensive.

Iron Tub

Cast iron tubs are heavier, more durable versions of acrylic bathtubs. Quality cast iron baths are very tough; they can have impressive plans and can retain heat as much as acrylic tubs do. The downside of cast iron tubs is their heavy weight and high expenses.

Nevertheless, if you are the person who wants a completely durable tub with no dangers of cracking or damage, a cast iron tub will be your best choice.

What Types of The Bathtubs Best For You

Freestanding Bathtubs

Also known as roll-top tubs, freestanding tubs come in easy to install design in any position just about your bath. They bear on their own, with only a spigot and the drain system connected to your bathroom water lines and drain schemes.

Modern freestanding bathtubs feature high-end designs that permit you to rest confidently in the vats. The reason they are sometimes called roll-ups is that of their elevated designs meant to prevent fungi or mildew buildup.

If you are waiting for an easy to install a bathtub, a freestanding best acrylic bathbest tub will be your best choice.

Corner Bathtubs

Corner tubs are really popular among people with small toilets. They are modest in size, often feature a right-angled design to fit easily in one niche and the outer side curved for aesthetics.

You can get a left hand or right-hand side corner tub depending on your tastes. If you possess a modest bathroom, or if your toilet has an odd configuration, a corner tub will fit in perfectly and still provide you with the convenience you demand.

Left or Right Tubs

Bathtubs conventionally come with a drain system installed on either the left or left position. If the drainage is on the left side, the tub is better suited next to a left-sided wall.

Still, if you already hold your bathroom drainage system connected to the correct side of your wall, the best option is to buy a right-sided bathtub. It will be easier to set up on the left side of your toilet.


Bathtubs come in a mixture of dissimilar materials that influence their aesthetics and weight. Acrylic baths are among the most popular modern tubs since they are comparatively lightweight, which implies you will not have to reinforce your floor to install them upstairs.

Cast iron tubs, on the other hand, are extremely heavy, but also deliver a nearly unlimited lifespan since they are really hard to scratch or damage. Cast iron bathtubs can also offer a better aesthetic for historic houses.

Resin tubs, which employ a composite fabric that provides a modern-looking fashion, are heavy but can be nice since they typically deliver a built-in overflow system. Less common are tubs made out of copper, stainless steel, or even stone resin bathtub.

Capacity and overflow

How big a tub you need comes down mostly to how much room you have in your bathroom and whether you are appearing to equip single or two people in the tub.

Presuming you have plenty of room, double-ended and double slipper tubs are typically built larger than single tubs and are comfy for two people to lounge at either terminal. Water capacity also directly depends on how big is a tab.

Granting to the Alliance for Water Efficiency, a standard bathtub holds something between 40 and 50 gallons of water. Many freestanding tubs have overflow drains built into the inside.

These drains only come into play when the water level goes up above their opening, effectively helping to preclude urine from slopping over onto the base when you overflow the bathtub and your body displaces water or if you unintentionally leave the faucet running.

Features and Accessories

Modern bathtubs come with them with a lot of luxury features. You may desire to purchase a bathing tub with some convenience features such as massage jets or aromatherapy features at an additional price.

But even without luxurious features, a quality bathtub should come with necessary features such as drainage, a faucet and maybe you can say the best acrylic bathtub shower combo.

Other characteristics to look out for in a modern tub include speakers, digital controls for tubs with luxurious add ones, tub lighting and a guarantee.

A bathtub that shows compliance for use by people with special needs will also be a better feature if you have somebody with special needs in your household.

The best tubs come with a variety of accessories to offer you with strong acrylic baths. Take a tub with the upper limit number of helpful supplements for best experiences.

Installation accessories for the drainage are definitely must-have accessories for a good quality tub.


There is no specific best acrylic bathtub cleaner you can wash or clean it with soap or shampoo with a gentle rub and that’s it. It is going to look new again. But don’t use hash surfaced cloth it can damage the look.

Configuration and installation

When replacing the bathtub, size matters. Tubs come in numerous sizes, but you want to make the precise size that will be easy for you and your household. Measure the bathroom configurations in inches, because many tubs are also sized in inches.

Also recognized as double-ended tubs, these baths are designed for unitary or two people. They often feature two identical ends so that two people bathing can face each other while inside the baths. They are suitable for more families.

While the best acrylic bathtub installation is probably the utmost thing on your judgment, it’s also an important element that will regard the type of tub you will purchase.

Baths are often set up in a diversity of ways. Freestanding tubs, for exemplary, are designed not to lean on a wall. They sit at the heart of your toilet and could consume a great deal of distance.

If you possess a modest bathroom, a freestanding tub may not be for you. Rather, a corner bathtub that can be accommodated in one corner will be a better tub.

Choosing the Best One

The numerous benefits that these acrylic bathtubs offer to the users have drawn them a big hit amongst the new purchasers.

Being cheaper than the regular bathtubs made from cast iron, these acrylic bathtubs are one of the most looked for after bathing products in the marketplace.

Nevertheless, there are a few simple rules or tips to be followed, to make certain that you end up with the proper type of the best acrylic bathtub for your home.

By buying the right tub for your household, you ensure a safe and happy bathing time for you and your household.

Firstly, determine the position where you wish to place the bathtub. Get out a measuring tape and measure the place that you have chosen for your bath.

Ensure that you factor in all the parameters and measurements when you decide to buy the top rated the best acrylic bathtub for your bath.

Make indisputable that you cleave to the precise or approximate specifications as any big change in it might surely ruin the installation process once the bathtub is delivered to your home.

Secondly, Settle upon the example of the most recommended acrylic bathtub after factoring in the demands of the person in your house who would be using it the most.

For example, it is safer to choose a tub that has longer length if the individual practicing it is tall, as the shortest person in the family can very well accommodate and the other way round can never occur.

Lastly, consider purchasing a top-notch acrylic bathtub that comes along with a message system if you feel that you need those systems for relaxing bath time. Make certain that all the safety features for the bathtub are in order when you resolve to move in for a particular model of the best acrylic bathtub.

Never reach over the responsibility of choosing the bathtub for your house to someone else. But you can determine what is suitable for your family and yourself rather than someone on the remote. Feelings can be tried, but the decision must entirely be yours.

Final Words

Modern generation bathtubs include everything your old tub misses. They combine quality engineering with a wide scope of characteristics to make your baths luxurious and pleasurable. But without the best acrylic bathtub, you risk losing some the luxuries of a modern bath.

As luck would have it, on that point is nothing more you ask to find out more or less after reading our acrylic bathtub reviews above. These best acrylic bathtub reviews give you an approximation of the variety that can be found amongst acrylic tubs today.

Bathtubs that are set to the wall are popular as they are inexpensive to buy and can install easily. Many cans are made with standard measurements so baths that are built to fit into alcoves can easily install into them.

What remains of you is to actualize the buying process by conducting measurements in your bathroom and deciding on a tub style to purchase. Acrylic tubs are, afterward all, relatively cheap, easy to maintain, and come in all kinds of different conditions, sizes, and shapes.

This fixes them a fantastic alternative if you are in the marketplace for a new bathtub. Hopefully, after reading this article, you can find the perfect bath for you and your household.

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