Top 5 Best Sugar Cane Juicer Machine – Reviews and Buying Guide

Juicing sugar cane is a great way to get quick nutritional values and antioxidants to fight infractions and boost immunity. Sugar cane juice doesn’t require additional ingredients to make it more valuable. You just need the best sugar cane juicer machine to extract fresh juice and consume it right away. 

But, first and foremost, why do you require a sugar cane juicer machine when you can make juice with a blender? Well, sugar cane stalks are a hard nut to crack. Furthermore, the stalks are quite fibrous, and the skin is quite tough to remove. 

Therefore, processing a sugar stalk is troublesome with a blender as it doesn’t possess much power and technical features to do so. Moreover, juicing sugar cane using a blender requires more effort compared to sugar cane juicer machines.

There are dedicated juicer machines on the market that use powerful crushing technology to extract juice from sugar cane stalks. 

However, there are two primary types of dedicated sugarcane juicers available for purchase: the manual or mechanical one and the electric or motorized one. Both of these extractors are intended to do a great job of extracting sugar cane juice.

However, commercial-type sugarcane juicers are pricey. These machines cost well over $800. However, if you do your homework, you may find a specialized sugar cane juicer machine within your price range.

We investigated some of the top sugarcane juicers that include good quality while most of them also being a less expensive alternative compared to other high-end pricey machines on the market.   


VEVOR 50KG Rollers Press Manual Sugarcane juicerVEVOR 50KG Rollers Press Manual Sugarcane juicer
  • Easy to operate
  • Effective built quality with premium material
  • Includes rotatable handles for increasing juice yield
PROMOTOR Electric Sugar Cane JuicerPROMOTOR Electric Sugar Cane Juicer
  • Simple operation and delivers an effortless juicing experience 
  • Posses multiple functionalities
  • Easy to clean
Samger Manual Sugar Cane Juicer MachineSamger Manual Sugar Cane Juicer Machine
  • Process food materials quickly
  • Provides a wide range of applications
BestEquip Electric Commercial Sugar Cane JuicerBestEquip Electric Commercial Sugar Cane Juicer
  • Excellent quality 
  • Features maximum capacity
  • Features a wide range of applications 
TECHTONGDA Electric Sugar Cane Juicer Press MachineTECHTONGDA Electric Sugar Cane Juicer Press Machine
  • High-quality material
  • Three solid rollers for optimum juice extraction
  • Powerful motor


This list contains our chosen goods, which include both professional and home-use sugar cane juicers with reasonable prices and high quality.

1. VEVOR 50KG Rollers Press Manual Sugarcane juicer

VEVOR 50KG Rollers Press Manual Sugarcane juicer


Product attributes 

  • The body is made from stainless steel
  • The base is cast iron and features a painted handle wheel
  • Includes two adjustable knobs to control the gap between the roller
  • Operates manually 
  • You can separate the juice and dregs automatically 
  • Includes an efficient sized feeding port 
  • You will get a large diameter dregs outlet that features an inclined design.
  • Includes Multi-gear rotation functionality 
  • A multifunctional sugar cane juicer

Built quality: The VEVOR sugarcane juicer is flexible manual juicing equipment that combines high quality and functionality. Starting with its body, which is composed of food-grade 304 stainless steel. Also, the base of this sugar cane press is made of cast iron, making it robust and durable for your regular use. 

Rotatable handle: This machine has two adjustable knobs that allow you to vary the spacing between the rollers dependent on the size of the sugarcane. It contributes to greater juice production.

Operation: In terms of operation, manual sugar cane juicers are quite simple. The machine comes with a cast iron crank pulley that features a wooden handle on the side of the body, which is attached to the gears. 

VEVOR Manual Sugarcane juicer size

Because the pulley is well-made, you can create sufficient force to rotate the machine handle. All you need is to put the sugarcane into the feed tube and turn the hand crank pulley. The result is well-separated fresh juice and sugarcane dregs. The machine is also, easy to clean.

Machine design: With this machine, you get an efficiently designed feeding port and outlets of the appropriate size. Also, the tilt angle facilitates the entry of sugarcane with an effective discharge residue. It saves a lot of work. The machine also includes a complete copper faucet.

Filter: The VEVOR sugar cane juicer machine includes a large and delicate filter with fine mesh uniform distribution. It can effectively filter the residual slag particles so that your juice tastes better.

Range of applications: With the VEVOR sugar cane juicer, you can use it for both domestic and professional purposes. You may also use this manual sugar cane juicer to juice ginger, apples, sorghum bar, cornstalk, and other fruits and vegetables. It is widely used in self-employed or small beverage service industries. 

  • Effective built quality with premium material
  • Easy to operate
  • Simple and efficient design
  • Includes rotatable handles for increasing juice yield
  • Extra-large filter
  • Features a wide range of applications
  • The VEVOR sugar cane juicer doesn’t include any instruction manual
  • It’s a bit difficult to assemble



2. PROMOTOR Electric Sugar Cane Juicer

PROMOTOR Electric Sugar Cane Juicer

Product attributes 

  • Constructed with stainless steel
  • The built material features anti-corrosion and anti-rust functionality
  • You get 370W of power and 110V for this machine
  • The juicer’s productivity is 280kg/h
  • Roller speed is 25 rpm
  • The machine can be used in supermarkets and other service industries

Built quality: This commercial sugar cane press extractor is made of strong stainless steel. It features anti-corrosion and anti-rust functionality. Therefore, it works well for heavy use and lasts longer compared to other low-end sugarcane juicers in the market.

Power: The PROMOTOR sugar cane juicer provides sufficient power to process hard sugar cane. Its 370W of power helps to achieve 280kg/h productivity that is enough for mass production of sugar cane juice. Also, with a 25 rpm roller speed, you can easily extract enough juice within a short time.

Operation: The machine is easy to operate. You just need to cut a wedge on your sugar cane and then put it into the machine. Finally, choose the power button and you will get fresh sugar cane juice within minutes. However, try to wash the rollers timely and keep them clean. Make sure there is no sticky in the juice box.

Range of applications: This electronic sugar cane juicing machine is suitable for a variety of commercial applications, including supermarkets, small beverage manufacturing, and other service sectors. Along with sugar canes, you can juice ginger, apples, sorghum bar, and other fruits and vegetables with this industrial juicer.

Things you need to do before using the machine: Here are some instructions that you need to follow before the operation –

  • Place the machine on a level surface.
  • Tighten the roll gap by turning it clockwise, and loosen it by turning it counterclockwise.  
  • Attach the ground wires to the machine.
  • Wash the juicer properly before use.
  • Effective built quality
  • Efficient design
  • Simple operation and delivers an effortless juicing experience
  • Features enough power to extract juice from sugar canes
  • Easy to clean
  • Posses multiple functionalities
  • During the changeover, it may rust
  • Only the outer cover is stainless steel
  • You can not adjust the roll gap too tightly



3. Samger Manual Sugar Cane Juicer Machine

Samger Manual Sugar Cane Juicer Machine

Product attributes

  • This manual sugar cane juicer machine can generate 110 pounds of juice per hour
  • The body and the rollers of this sugar cane extractor is made from food-grade stainless steel material
  • The base is from cast iron and includes a painted handle wheel
  • Manually operates with the help of a hand crank pulley
  • The juice extraction rate is (60-80)/100
  • This machine appropriate for 2-inch thick sugar canes
  • This juicing machine has an output value of 50kg/h.

Built quality: This manual sugar cane juice extractor is constructed with high-quality food-grade stainless steel material. So, it’s hygienic, and you can even drink after pressing. Moreover, the rollers are also stainless steel. Therefore, the rollers will remain rust-free no matter how many times you use the machine.

In addition, the foundation is composed of sturdy cast iron. In other words, its high build quality assures long-term performance.  

Production rate: With this manual sugar cane juicer, you can expect to achieve about 110 lbs of juice per hour. This production rate is enough for commercial use and helps to meet your different needs at any time. 

Operation: The operation procedure for this juice extractor machine is quite simple and easy to follow. Because of its manual operation, you can effortlessly manage the entire squeezing process of the sugar cane. Samger Manual Sugar Cane Juicer Machine size

Simply insert your sugarcane into the feed tube and rotate the hand wheel pulley. At the end of the process, you will get fresh juice with separated sugarcane dregs.

Handwheel installation: The handwheel is easy to install. You just have to follow these simple steps.

First, determine the convex location of the center hole, such that the convex section is towards your side.

Then, line up the groove with the pin.

Finally, carefully tap the wheel into the main axis with a block or hammer.

Before use guidelines:  There are some simple guidelines you need to follow before using this product –

  • Remove the root and head before pressing.
  • If the machine appears to be under heavy strain, immediately reverse swing.
  • Sugar canes with a diameter of more than 30mm must be cut in half to avoid overloading.
  • Every week, oil the transmission gear.
  • After you’ve completed squeezing, you should wipe the rollers, make sure there’s nothing stuck in the juice box, and maintain it by proper cleaning.
  • During the installation of the handwheel, if the hole is too tiny, try to tap the center of the handwheel.
  • Wash it once you’ve finished juicing.

The package includes One sugar cane juicer machine and one faucet.

Applications: With this heavy-duty juice extractor, you get a wider range of applications. You can use it in shopping malls, markets, schools, hotels, etc. Furthermore, this machine is suitable for any kind of commercial use. 

  • It operates manually and is simple to use.
  • Easy to clean
  • Efficient design and effective built quality
  • Its production rate is high
  • Process food materials quickly
  • Provides a wide range of applications
  • The machine is heavy
  • No instruction manual included



4. BestEquip Electric Commercial Sugar Cane Juicer

BestEquip Commercial Sugar Cane Juicer

Product attributes

  • Food grade stainless steel body
  • Features adjustable nuts to accommodate the gap between rollers
  • Include four casters for ease of transportation
  • The power input or this machine is 750W
  • It features a roller speed of 20 r/min
  • The machine comes with a maximum capacity of 300 kg/h
  • It can produce about 500-1000 ml of juice in one go
  • Features a large inlet that is 6 cm in diameter
  • Include juice shelf 
  • It can juice other fruits and vegetables
  • Provides commercial services 

Built quality: This electric sugar cane juicer machine features an efficient built quality with its high-grade stainless steel material. The food-grade material is hygienic and works well against rust and corrosion. Therefore, the machine maintains its quality even with heavy use.

Roller control system: With this juice extractor, you get two adjustable nuts that help to maintain the gap between rollers. Therefore, you can freely adjust the rollers based on the thickness of the sugar cane.

Filter: The machine features a fine mesh filter that ensures efficient extraction. This highly effective filter helps to remove residual particles and improves the flavor of the juice.

Operation: This fully automatic machine is easy to operate. As it uses electric power, you get a higher juicing rate. Also, with its large feeding port size, you can effortlessly press the sugar cane into the juicer. Furthermore, the machine automatically separates clean juice from the residue, making the process more efficient.BestEquip Sugarcane Press Electric Sugar Cane size

Machine design:  This juice extractor includes some well-designed details. For ease of transportation, it features four quality casters. It helps to move this comparatively heavy machine quite effortlessly. Also, this machine comes with a juicing shelf and exquisite faucet. These features are great for commercial use.

Applications: It’s a commercial juice extractor. So, you can use this machine in any commercial juicing industry, such as fruit stores, drink shops, scenic places, or small beverage service businesses. In addition to sugar canes, this machine can also process ginger, apples with other fruits and vegetables.

Comes with: Along with the juicer, the kit includes a tray and a strainer.

  • Excellent quality
  • Simple operation
  • Constructed with food-grade material
  • Features maximum capacity
  • Superior control over the rollers
  • Features a wide range of applications
  • Compact structure
  • Easy to maintain and clean
  • Comparatively heavy compared to other sugar cane juicer machines
  • Expensive product



5. TECHTONGDA Electric Sugar Cane Juicer Press Machine

TECHTONGDA Electric Sugar Cane Juicer Press Machine

Product attributes

  • The machine comes with 800W of power 
  • It features AC110V and an electric current of 8A
  • The revolving speed is 20 r/min
  • It covers a production efficiency of 660lbs/h
  • The juicer features a maximum capacity of 200kg
  • Roller length is 100mm
  • Features “change over switch” functionality for better control over rollers movement
  • Includes a cleaning port 
  • Three rollers extraction functionality
  • Features a solid stainless steel handle
  • The insertion port is 62mm in diameter

Built material: All the inlet, outlet, and outer casing adopts food-grade 304 stainless steel. This material is stable and durable. Furthermore, the rollers are also made of solid stainless steel that is durable and works well under pressure during squeezing sugar cane stalks.Electric Sugar Cane Juicer Press Machine

Change-over switch functionality: The machine includes a “change-over switch” that allows the rollers to rotate in either a clockwise or counterclockwise manner. So, if your juicer becomes clogged with sugarcane residues or other unprocessed foodstuffs, simply use this switch to reverse the roller’s direction and finally overcome the problem.

Cleaning port: With this electric sugar cane juicer, you can easily clean it with the help of a cleaning port that is situated on the top of the machine. This handy function allows you to clean your juicer faster and saves you a lot of time.

Rollers: The three-solid rollers provide automatic separation of fresh juice and residue. Moreover, these high-quality rollers are controlled by a heavy-duty motor, which works efficiently to extract as much liquid as possible from sugar cane stalks.

Added facilities: The entire sugar cane juicing machine has a completely closed construction. Also, the biogases barrel is housed within the machine, preventing bagasse and juice from escaping. 

For ease of movement, the machine features four castors with a solid stainless steel handle. It’s a convenient functionality for juice shop owners. In addition, The juicer is designed with 5-grade gear transmission, resulting in less power consumption.

Application: You can use this electric sugar cane juicer not only for processing sugar canes but also to juice ginger, fresh melons, and other varieties of fruits/veggies. Moreover, it’s a great commercial juice extractor and works well, providing services for hotels, fruit shops, cold drink shops, herbal tea shops, stations, and supermarkets.

Safety and maintenance: For safety reasons, it must be linked to a dependable grounding system and must have three feet with the ground connection. Clean the machine regularly after each operation.

  • High-quality material
  • Three solid rollers for optimum juice extraction
  • Convenient design
  • Easy to clean
  • Great for commercial use
  • Provides a wide variety of applications
  • Powerful motor
  • Anti-clogging functionality
  • Motor emits smoke after working for more than half an hour. Although, if the machine works properly, smoke is normal
  • It’s a bit heavy and pricy 




Buying the most efficient sugar cane juicer machine is a difficult task as there are many aspects to consider regarding this topic. But here, we will keep things simple and break down some crucial points that need to be considered before buying.

Sugar cane

Type of sugar cane juicer machine you should look for

In terms of machine types, there are two categories – manual and electronic. Manual juicers are a little more traditional, but they are considerably affordable as they do not use electricity. However, manual juicers require human strength. They rely on human strength and can only generate as much juice as your strength allows. 

Motor-powered juicers, on the other hand, are operated by electricity and do not require human strength. These juicers do everything on their own. As a result, they are a superior alternative to manual juicers. However, with these electric juicers, there come extra power/fuel expenses. 

So, depending on your needs and preference you will choose whether you will go for the manual one or the electric one. If you want more power and efficiency, go for an electric sugar cane juice extractor. But, If you are on a limited budget, a manual extractor is a viable option.

Type of material you should consider

A good juicer made of robust and durable materials can easily crush solid canes. The majority of them are made of stainless steel. However, in terms of material, a good choice will be food-grade stainless steel. 

Basically, it’s free of all contaminants and possesses anti-rust functionality. Though, stainless steel 304 is used in the majority of the top sugarcane pressers. However, if the juicer is made of plastic, ensure that it is hard FDA-approved. 

In other words, look for a juicer that does not rust, does not leach metallic components, and does not react chemically with water or cane. 

Type of roller you should look for

Rollers are crucial components for any sugarcane juice extractor. A typical extractor has three rollers, but the finest models have up to six. Those with four 5mm rollers are regarded as the finest. Also, these rollers are capable of pressing stalks up to 2-3 inches thick. 

However, having more rollers means paying a higher price. If money is a problem, a juicer with three rollers is a good option that will still get the job done.

Another aspect to consider is the roller arrangement design. For maximum effectiveness, they should be positioned such that the canes may easily travel through all of them

Size of The Feed Chute

The feed tube within the sugarcane juicer should be large enough to allow a considerable amount of sugar cane stalks. The faster the juicing process, the broader the feed tube. However, the feed chutes of 2 or 3 inches are appropriate.

Ease of Portability

You will find most commercial sugarcane juicers in the market as large and bulky. However, the finest ones include wheels for convenient mobility. So, try to find ones that offer an easy transportation facility. Juicers with castors work well for commercial use.

Easy cleanup

Cleaning is crucial for maintaining the longevity of your juice extractor, especially if you are using it for commercial purposes. The ideal juicers should have readily detachable covers to make cleaning easier. However, many well-made juicers offer a simple setup procedure. Try to get your hands on those.


What is the mechanism of the sugarcane presser?

A sugarcane juicer machine operates by squeezing the juice from the stalk. The process starts by putting the sugar canes into the extractor, and then they are crushed by the rollers. The liquid is then released through one tap outlet, while the dregs and slags are expelled through another. In other words, the juicer will handle everything from extracting juice from residue to dispensing it via a faucet.

How to maintain your sugar cane juicer machine?

Regular maintenance of your sugarcane juicer machine is crucial for its durability. You can maintain your juicer by cleaning it as soon as the juicing process is over to avoid a sticky mess inside. Moreover, this is especially crucial since sugar cane juice is sticky and can become a breeding ground for germs if the unit is not thoroughly cleaned. 

Rollers, on the other hand, must be replaced every few months. The time span varies. However, most manufacturers need the rollers to be replaced every six months. For correct maintenance needs, consult the unit’s handbook.

Do you really need a sugar cane juicer machine?

The fact is whether you need a specialized sugar cane juicer or not depends on the purpose of your purchase. In the market, you will find commercial sugarcane juicers and household sugarcane juicers. 

Now, if you want to run a juicing business, then you will need a commercial machine that can generate higher productivity. Moreover, commercial juicers are larger and more powerful compared to a household sugar cane juicer. 

However, if you enjoy making sugar cane juice for yourself or your family, you won’t need any specialist sugar cane juicers. A regular blender may do the job for you. However, making one with a blender, on the other hand, is complicated and time-consuming. 

Basically, specialist household sugarcane juicers are expensive, but if you can afford them, buying them is a good option since juicing sugar canes with this specialized equipment is more efficient and effective than normal blenders.


Juicing sugar cane is troublesome and time-consuming if you don’t use any sugar cane juicer machines to do the job for you. These juice extractors fit everywhere, whether you want to use them for commercial purposes or just for an occasional glass of sugarcane juice. 

We mentioned some of the products with the highest quality. But in this final verdict, we will recommend the VEVOR Manual Sugarcane juicer as our overall best product among other machines that we mentioned in this list. In terms of electric sugar cane juicer, we also like the TECHTONGDA Sugar Cane Juicer Press Machine. It’s a great and efficient product for any kind of commercial use. 

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In the end, depending on your choice and need, all these mentioned products would be a great choice if you are into sugar cane juice.

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