Best Shower Drain Reviews in 2022 & Buying Guide

Are you Looking for the best shower drain? Or are you looking for the shower drain replacement? Then you are spot on! Many people ignore this plumbing fixture but it’s quite vital.

It is really a plumbing tool which used between a shower enclosure and an evacuation pipe. Though it’s unremarked by several folks, the foremost purpose of a shower drain is to funnels water into the installation.

So, people who want their bathroom to be neat and clean then this small particle can be a useful product. There are different types of product in the market with different feature so it’s going to be your own decision to choose the right one for you.

What is the Best Shower drain?

First of all, you should know what a shower drain is, Right? The best shower drain is the passage of waste and uncleaned water of your shower place. It’s a cover with tinny holes that will help the wastewater to go along the evacuation pipe.

This feature is installed on any side of your shower floor. It would be best if it installed on the side where the water tends to move. Now, in this section, you will be informed about the 10 best shower drain you can install on your shower place.

These are the top 10 shower drain given in the above table. These are briefly described below:

Top 3 Best Shower drain in 2022: Our Choose

Best Shower drain Reviews

OXO Good Grips Easy Clean Shower Stall Drain

OXO Good Grips Easy Clean Shower Stall Drain Protector - Stainless Steel

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The OXO Good Grips Easy Clean Shower Stall Drain Protector is the perfect protection for shower plumbing. This rustproof stainless-steel fits flat over most shower stall drains. The hole pattern effectively traps hair while leaving the water to run through.

A snug silicone rim keeps the Drain Protector from moving out of place when in working. The Drain Protector traps hairs, small debris, etc. during draining without impeding water flow. Plus, the edges sit flush in the shower so no small debris will go into the tubes.

Highlighted Features:

  • It’s going to be fit over shower stall drain easily.
  • Hairs stuck effectively without any water blocking.
  • Stainless steel with anti-rust protection.


1. What is the size of the shower stall drain?

Ans: 4 ½” diameter.

2. What about Drain hole size?

Ans: It just slightly bigger than a pinhead.

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LEKEYE Shower Drain Hair Catcher Stainless Steel and Silicone

LEKEYE Shower Drain Hair Catcher Strainer Stainless Steel and Silicone

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This LEKEYE shower drain not only provides a nifty design that will help to trap the hair, but it is also built up of stainless steel. This means it will be easy to keep clean, and you won’t have to care about any rust spots being left behind.

Highlighted Features:

  • It does not just make of rustproof stainless steel. It too has a silicone seal around the edge that helps to sustain it in position
  • The stainless steel design allows the hair catcher to stay level, flush with your drain. This is significant because many silicones or rubber versions tend to tear or curl upward over time.
  • It has holes that are planned specifically to acquire custody of your hair, not leaving it to run down the drainage. This is imputable to the elliptical plan.
  • Unfortunately, it holds a bland design, it can be easily run by your feet if you deliver the best shower drain right in the center of the shower base.


1. Does it rust or discolored?

Ans: No.

2. Where does it make from?

Ans: Its made in China.

3. Is this return free?

Ans: Depends on Vendor

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KOHLER K-9136-CP Square Design Tile-In Shower Drain

KOHLER K-9136-CP Square Design Tile-In Shower Drain

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Kohler is one of the best manufacturers of bathroom accessories. This Square design chrome polished shower drain is one of the finest and attractive brass shower drains. This is designed especially for tie-in. It provides a lot of features they are illustrated below:

Highlighted Features:

  • Durable in term of its construction.
  • Tarnish resistant.
  • Provided a removable grid plate.
  • Brass and Pvc made it reliable too.
  • 2” and 3” drain inside and outside tailpiece respectively.
  • One-year limited warranty.


1. Can an extra hair strainer be used in it?

Ans: Yes.

2. Is it made of metal?

Ans: Yes. It’s made of Brushed nickel.

3. Does it comes with grate and drain body?

Ans: Yes.

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SlipX Solutions Stop-A-Clog Bathtub Drain Protectors

SlipX Solutions Stop-A-Clog Drain Protectors Keep Hair Out of Drains

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SlipX Solutions Stop-A-Clog Drain Protector is the ultimate hair catcher, keeping bath and shower drains clean and running smoothly. Six convenient suction cups keep it securely in position. It’s too comfortable to clean; simply rinse and air dry or toss it in the dishwasher.

Highlighted Features:

  • Make hair clogged every time.
  • Easy to install, easy to remove and clean.
  • Reliable suction cup provided.
  • 2 stop-a-clog per packages.
  • Easily stick to the bottom of every tub.


1. Is this going to work on travertine tiles?

Ans: Not so.

2. Is this made in China?

Ans: Yes

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HANEBATH Linear Shower Drain Floor Strainer with Tile Insert Grate

HANEBATH Linear Shower Floor Drain with Removal Cover - Made of Sus304 Stainless Steel

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The HANEBATH linear shower drain is a product which is very reputed in the current marketplace. Because it has brought the highest character with innovative conception and delicate detailing.

The best shower drain is made of high-grade 304 stainless steel which takes in a brushed finish and it ensures durability. The showers drain is rectangular in plan and its dimension is 1.9 x4. 3×2 inch.

It has caused a high flow outlet because of which water can’t be stacked away in the bathroom even for a moment.

Highlighted Features:

  • High-Quality product with modern design.
  • High grade of Stainless steel used in it with Brushed finish.
  • Highly Durable.
  • Rate of water draining is so fast.
  • Made up of standard dimension.


1. Is there a hair catcher provided?

Ans: No certainly not.

2. Is the tailpipe welded on?

Ans: Yes.

3. How to open the drain locked inside?

Ans: Insert the provided key in the slide slot. Twist little to catch the edge of the lid and pull straight. The lid will pop out.

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Aqva DBASE2-PVC+DSEAL-2 Luxe PVC Shower Drain

Aqva DBASE2-PVC+DSEAL-2 Luxe PVC Shower Drain Base with Rubber Gasket

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Aqva is another renowned Brand for bathroom accessories. Aqva DBASW2 shower drain has got much attention by general people. The features which made this a purchasable product are given below:

Highlighted Features:

  • Drain used in it is UPC approved.
  • A rubber shower drain gasket is included for optional 2 inches no hub.
  • Works with Luxe as well.
  • Dimension: 6.8 x 6.8 x 2.8 inches

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 ZOIC Linear Stealth Tile Insert Floor Grate Bathroom Shower Waste Drain

ZOIC inches Linear Stealth Tile Insert Floor Grate Bathroom Shower Waste Drain

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The waste drain is a significant component of any shower stall, bath or lavatory. They are frequently installed in bath and laundry, floors too, to help drain off excess water and serve to prevent large objects or matters that are likely to cause blockages – like long hair in the shower, or foodstuffs in the kitchen basin.

Shower bases must be sloped from all directions to point drains, therefore limiting tile selection to mosaics or other comparatively small-format tiles. However, shower bases can be slapped on a single plane to Zoic linear drain which enables the use of large-format tiles and creates interesting design opportunities.

They tin be established adjacent to walls in showers, steam suite, wet rooms, and other applications that require sealing and drain. Select from stainless steel grate designs for a modern look or tileable covering support for virtually invisible drainage.

As Closed-design Linear Shower Drain, it adds function and a distinctive smell to your walk-in shower or wet room base.

Highlighted Feature:

  • Side outlet for easy to install the drain against the bulwark Accommodates any tile, gemstone.
  • Made of marine grade stainless steel which offers greater immunity to erosion.
  • Easily removable tray simplifies access for cleaning and care.
  • Creates the alluring fantasy of water disappearing into the floor.


1. What would be the preferred length for 30” wide shower?

Ans: 31 will be best.

1. Are they providing clips in the box for attachment?

Ans: Yes, there are plastic clips given in it.

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KES SUS 304 Stainless Steel Shower Floor Drain with Removable Cover

KES SUS 304 Stainless Steel Shower Floor Drain with Removable Cover 11.8-Inch Long Brushed Finish

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KES SUS 304 Stainless Steel Shower Floor Drain is one of the most renowned shower drain or shower drain cover that is usable in the marketplace. The best shower drain is construct of sturdy stainless steel which ensures its durability and length of service.

This is induce up of such steel which will not corrode. The proportion of this shower drain is 30 x11 x11. 5 CM. The other characteristics that earn it a lucrative one are its ability to prevent smells, dirt balls, and mice from going into the house and it can use in the kitchen, bath, garage, and toilet too.

Highlighted Features:

  • Made of Stainless steel ensuring longevity and sturdiness.
  • Completely Rust proof.
  • Prevents bad smells coming from the drain.
  • Can be used in kitchen or other places too.


1. Size of the drain pipe?

Ans: Diameter is bigger than 2 inches.

2. Is the cover easy to remove?

Ans: Yes. It’s easy to open it up.

3. Can I step into it during the shower?

Ans: You can gently move into it without pressurizing.

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KOHLER K-9132-CP Shower Drain

KOHLER K-9132-CP Shower Drain, Polished Chrome

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A drain isn’t worth your dollar bills if it can’t measure up to your demands. And if your hunt has been long overdue, then the answer could be the Kohler Shower Drain K-9132-CP.

This Cool shower drain offers an irresistible full brass design model that you can rely on for several years without frequent fixing issues.

Highlighted Features:

  • Polished chrome finish. Which give it a good look on white floors.
  • Its grid insert is detachable.
  • Connection gasket provided.
  • Constructed of Solid Brass.


1. Is this original Kohler product

Ans: Yes.

2. Can the strainer be unscrewed without damaging the sealing?

Ans: No need. You can simply lift it up for cleaning.

3. Is the drain fine threaded?

Ans: Yes.

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Ebbe E4401 Square Shower Drain Grate

Ebbe E4401 Square Shower Drain Grate, Silver

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Ebbe drains are taking by the homeowners and specified by architects and decorators everywhere. They get together in one product a degree of attention to detail not found in any other drain. Our drains are easy to maintain, easy to establish and blend in with tile and rock.

These series construct with stainless steel clad over a polycarbonate base, giving it strength and durability. Its construction can accommodate up to 1,000 pounds and the PVD finish support by our Lifetime Warranty, guarantee to last you years to come.

Highlighted Features:

  • Polished Chrome Finish.
  • Includes a Grate puller.
  • This shower drain is a universal 2″ drain which is standard.
  • The plate makes of stainless steel.


1. What is the overall dimension of the grate?

Ans: The actual dimension is 3 3/4 inches square. The holes are 3/8 in diameter.

2. How the silver and Nickle color differs?

Ans: Nickle polish and duller than silver.

3. Does it move without screws?

Ans: Certainly not.

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These were the detailed information about the best’s in the market on the matter of the best shower drain. Now in this section, you will be getting information about Buying guides of it.

Consideration Before Buying Best Shower Drain

Best Shower Drain

First and foremost, the thing that comes to mind is its style. Let’s talk about it briefly-

Linear Shower Drains: This is the most common style and most used the best shower drain in the recent past. The core reason behind it might be slimmer, neat profile it displays, leaving your space looking unapologetically beautiful.

You, however, have to evaluate your area carefully and hold built-out plans in place to ensure. It perfectly fits into the rampart.

Among other considerations, you should make include your choice of tile in the field before the induction process. Holding one in place creates the work easy while leaving the place attractive.

Square or Round Shower Drain: Traditional square or round drains are the least expensive. Today these drains are available in many sizes and styles, making them more unique and sumptuous. It depends on your choice completely.


It is a really significant factor to recognize almost the length of the best shower drain. While purchasing one as there is a mixture of lengths available in shower drains. The foremost job is to measure the space where you are going to put in it.

After that, you have to assess the size of the drain in order to rival the shoes. If the size of the station and drain doesn’t match, then you won’t be able to install it right.

What should everyone consider flow rates?

The current rate is the main determinant of the efficiency of your drainpipe. As such, various things affect the functioning of the stocks and the flow rate for that affair. For instance, you cannot compare the functionality of a significant head height with that of a small one.

Also factors such as the quantity of water needing to drain at an exceptional time. The water pressure of your bath area, the different characters of multiple showering fixtures in place, your adherence to your area code’s water flow regulations and the availability of drainage restrictions on your equipment, should bestow to your selection of linear drainage.

Installation guide

The Best Shower Drain installation is one of the main factors of using it correctly.

Wall to wall installation: As the name indicates, this drainage installation method involves tight fixing from one wall to another. So, in case this is what you desire, you have to enter the precise measurements of your wall.

Most producers will operate with you to ensure you have the appropriate sizes through a site-sizing process that would require the trimming of the grate and passage to fit into the position.

Installing against the wall: You’ll come across several products on the marketplace that goes under this class. All drains here either make use of the liquid waterproofing properties or the fabric type waterproofing elements that work in hand with the use of drywall.

Their positioning is normally at the essence, though you can nevertheless have some custom-made for your demands.

You can apply this type of drains on traditional clamping settings with waterproof properties and other outer coverings. However, you might have challenges fixing some drains into the walls, thus the need to have extra provisions.

Threshold install: Ensure you buy one that can comfortably accommodate the exact distance between the walls so that no water spills get out of the shower section. Hence, for the above reasons, it’s more beneficial to make a drain that’s wide enough to pick up all the urine and at the sufficient speed.

The cause for this is because the thinner ones pose width limitations that can cause a jam in your shower.

Centre pitch installation: Like its name, you will have the facility of the drainpipe in the middle of your shower. Your contractor will have to turn around the surrounding four floors so that they end up pitching towards the discharging.

You, however, will have to make use of the traditional waterproofing method with a floor fix drain or the liquid and some fabric with a drain body.

Barrier-free installation

Most homeowners who prefer seamless transitions from their shower area to other parts of the bathroom would go for barrier-free installations. The same example applies to mortals who love neat outlooks in their place.

If this is what you require for your tub, and so secure the building of your flooring heights, especially in the surrounding area is the same. Yet, we propose you to preserve the top of the dry region, slightly slanting towards the drain system to assure all the water goes to the waste tank.

Additionally, contrary to what many people believe, the waterproof floor rule doesn’t just apply to your shower’s surroundings, but also to the wet floor as well. For the showering part, ensure you leave an allowance of at least 42” to hold all the sloshing water as you enjoy your wash-up.

Since achieving this look requires skills perfection, you would appreciate the services of a qualified contractor with a permit, even if you feel your masonry skills could figure out something. And like any other plumbing work in your home, ensure you adhere to the installation requirements within your region code.


Drains are such a thing which is vulnerable to all kinds of problems and as it is the drain so it will surely draw a blank. These are the most common topics that we have to face with a drain. The major cause behind these are clogging and hairs that block the waste pipe.

Whenever anything got stuck in the drain the regular flow rate reductions which can cause flooding problem in your toilet. Thus when you are buying the best shower drain, you should look at those which are gentler to cleanse.


Choose a product that would comfortably go on both the indoors and outdoors. Even so, think of both locations require different measurements for complete performance. You’ll, for example, demand an outlet at every distance 30” for indoors, which means two in a drain of 60-inches.

Use this estimation to guide you through your installation procedure, although most of the best shower drain kit comes with first outlet assemblies, giving you an option to add extra ones where necessary.


As brought up earlier on a traditional/classic waterproof system would work well with a shower-pan; so your contractor will explain to you the appropriate type of unloading series. The same example applies to contemporary waterproofing options (as referred earlier as well).

As apparent from the above explanations, the secret to a successful facility, thus, rests in your previous conclusions. And then think logically before investing in anything, at least until you calculate out the kind of linear best shower drain you want to apply.

Final Words

We wanted to throw you a clear concept on the best shower drains. For that, we have done a great deal of research and coming to the conclusion we are pretty much convinced that we were successful in our endeavors.

The shower drains, installation procedure might look elementary to those, who see the concepts but gets complex on the land. It’s therefore advisable to hire a professional for guidance in case, you obtain it difficult to determine which is best shower drain in your shower.

We likewise trust that nowadays you know each and everything about shower drains, you would be successful enough to purchase the best shower drain for yourself.

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