Best Hand Dryers Reviews in 2022 with Complete Buying Guide

Picture a toilet without hand dryers! It sounds awkward! Isn’t it? Everyone will be aware of the unique features of best hand dryers after reading this article.

Perhaps you’ve landed in search of the best commercial electric hand dryer! If wet hands after using the bathroom or restroom are irritating you then you are in the correct place, if that sounds true. Best hand dryers are typically designed to dry your hands quickly when you leave the toilet.

Even if you can clean your hands using substitutes, hand dryers not only protect the environment, they also guarantee your hygiene. They are generally considered strong and trustworthy reviews.

Why Use Best Hand Dryers?

The next step is to clean them after people have washed their hands. The drying process, however, depends on the hand dryers type. You have a decent dryer to dry your fingers a few seconds. Not only will hand dryers extract mud and dust from your palm but some microorganisms will also be eliminated from your body.

Hand dryers in various designs and styles are affordable. Therefore, choosing the correct one can be a daunting task. We’re filming and studying hand-dryers for several hours. We assembled today a list of the top ten commercial electric hand dryers on the market.

Take your time to read this article as we go through our list of best hand dryers suggestions. We are sure that you will satisfy all your needs.

Top 3 Best Hand Dryers in 2019: Our Choose

Best Hand Dryers Review

There is a lots of hand dryer of different brands but we picked the 10 best hand dryers for you. List and their attributes are given below:

These were the names and in the further section, we will discuss the features and benefits of using them. So, go through them properly don’t miss anything out.

World Dryer L-971 Hand Dryer

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The SLIMdriL-971 from the world dryer is the best choice for your lightweight high-speed hand dryer. The SLIMdri hand-dryer is mounted on the floor, just 4 km away from the wall to be conformed to ADA.

The L971 has an antimicrobial engineering SteriTouch brushed aluminum chrome shell. Your electrical setup is not required, as it is a hand-dryer with uniform voltage.

During warm weather for customer comfort, the heating element can be switched off and has a thermal shield that automatically resets to minimize the need to fix components in the event of an accident or failure. The heat management switch is only accessible under the tamper-resistant mask.

This hand dryer is classified on GreenSpec which demonstrates the Intertek compliance with agreed national safety requirements across the United States and Canada for better motor energy efficiency than other traditional best hand dryers.

It has an IP23 Ingress Protection Score, which means that the fingers cannot reach the device or water that sprays up to 60 degrees from the vertical at or from any angle that does not cause any harm.

Features and Benefits:

  • It takes only 10-15 seconds to dry your hands.
  • Antimicrobial Technology provides proper hygiene.
  • Infrared sensor turns the dryer on when hands are under the outlet and off when they are not intended to save energy and reduce the risk of transmission of germs by eliminating the need for manual control.
  • There is a limited warranty for 10-years.


1. Where is its origin?

Ans: This is made in China.

2. What are the dB levels of it?

Ans: 69 dB.

3. What is its drying time?

Ans: It is fast. Takes only 10 seconds to do.

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Dyson 307174-01 Air Blade 301829-01

Dyson 307174-01 Air Blade 301829-01

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The outstanding hand dryer dries hands effectively and hygienically in just 12 seconds! The AB12/HU02 has an incredibly powerful motor to ensure quick and thorough drying of hands. Dyson commercial hand dryers is well known in the market.

Because most best hand dryers work much faster than their vendors say, most people avoid using old electric hand dryers and end up spreading germs as their wet hands are not properly cleaned.

Because the Airblade V offers a fast, full and hygienic clean, users no longer have to worry about spreading germs and bacteria that are so popular with the use of older, rusty hand dryers.

The Airblade V hand dryers are the only hand dryers that the National Science Foundation (NSF) has internationally accredited as hygienic. This modern automatic hand dryers is the fastest ADA-compliant version on the market, using proven Airblade technology including the upgraded Dyson electronic motor V4.

The HU02 is limited to 1,000W, backed by a 5-year warranty, to draw less air into the best hand dryers, increasing sound levels by turbulence. This complies with the Americans with Disabilities Act at a depth of just four inches and can be mounted conveniently without any recessing charges, providing a bigger washroom.

This hand dryer is the most hygienic on the market with 2 generic HEPA filters and an antibacterial cleaner in the coating, guaranteeing both reduced operating costs and minimal environmental impact.

The Dyson AB12 Airblade V HU02 is an excellent choice for the hand dryer needs of your plant, as it costs up to 69 percent less to run than other hand dryers and 98 percent less than paper towels do each year.

Feature and Benefits 

  • Takes only 12 seconds to dry things.
  • Lowest in cost while running.
  • Completely NSF approved.
  • Capacitive sensors allow dry-handed air.
  • The impact on the environment is quite low.


1. How much noise does it create while running?

Ans: It operates around 68 lbs.

2. How the sensor lasts? Or can it be adjusted?

Ans: Yes. It can be adjusted.

3. What are the main differences between versions 1 and 4?

Ans: Version 1 and 4 mainly varies on its current usage. V 1 has a unit of 120 volts and V 4 has 240 volts.

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Bobrick 7128 TrimLineSeries 304 Automatic Hand Dryer

Bobrick 7128 TrimLineSeries 304 Stainless Steel ADA Surface-Mounted Automatic Hand Dryer

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For outstanding quality and mind-blowing reliability, the Bobrick 7128 TrimLineSeries Hand Dryer is another best hand dryers choice on the market. It is made of first-class materials from 304 Stainless Steel with high-gloss black epoxy paint finish.

Remember, heating components must be placed on the fan’s outlet side, heat air without hot spots, be invisible to vandals, and be covered by an electronic heat-overload switch. When holding hands under the opening of the air-outlet and across the sensor line, the electronic sensor shall automatically turn on the dryer.

If hands are off, the dryer will turn off automatically. When the dryer switches on when an inanimate object is positioned across the opening of the air-outlet, the detector will automatically shut down the hand dryers about 1-1/2 minutes.

Upon extracting the inanimate object, the electrical detector will reset itself automatically and the dryer will work normally. The unit is classified as cULus, and/or accepted as VDE, labeled as CE.

It makes looking at it both strong and appealing. In any conventional washroom, it fits perfectly. It comes with dual air outlets allowing flowing wind circulation. You will dry your hand in just 25 seconds.

Features and Benefits:

  • Provided dual air outlets.
  • Takes 25 seconds to dry hands.
  • Very easy to install.
  • Gorgeous design with stainless finishing.


1. How much power does it need to operate?

Ans: 115 volts.

2. Is it noisy?

Ans: It’s not that loud nor blower.

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BluStorm High-Speed Hand Dryer

BluStorm High Speed Hand Dryer

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The hand dryer from BluStorm is known for its cool blue glow. The blue light directs the hands of the client to the most comfortable drying position allowing the Blue Storm to quickly and effectively dry hands in just 10-15 seconds.

In reality, we have one of these installed at ProDryers in our bathrooms and it has been running since 2011. We had no issues with it and it’s appreciated by everyone in the workplace. To monitor sound and speed, it provides a high and low atmosphere.

It still has a very appropriate level of noise in the high setting and dries hands very easily. This hand dryer is great for toilets that are small to moderate inflow. It is not vandal-resistant, however, when you install a hand dryer in a public toilet where high volume usage or possible vandalism can occur.

Features and Benefits:

  • Dry time is 10-15 seconds.
  • The automatic shutting of the system provides lots of energy savings.
  • Stainless steel finish makes it durable and reliable.
  • It provides 5-years of warranty.


1. Is the installation process easy?

Ans: Yes.

2. Is it loud?

Ans: Not so loud but little noise come out when it is operating.

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FCH Household Hotel Commercial Hand Dryer

FCH Household Hotel Commercial Hand Dryer

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This particular automated hand dryer uses the software of an infrared detector, which would make the hands dry fairly quickly. It is suitable for private use at home and can also be perfect in a living room.

It can also be useful in a public space. Drying the wet hands in a short time would be faster. The kit would consist of one network cable, two sets of keys would be available and one set of screws would also be available.

It is important to note that FCH-Direct is this particular brand.

Features and Benefits:

  • Wet hands are dried quickly.
  • Best for both indoor public use and salon use.
  • Make less noise than another dryer of a different brands.
  • Touch-free.


1. How loud is this?

Ans: Not at all loud.

2. Is it UL certified?

Ans: Yes, I believe so.

3. What is the power unit of it?

Ans: 110 V.

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Awoco Stainless Steel 1350W 120V Hand Dryer

Awoco Stainless Steel 1350W 120V Automatic High Speed Commercial Hand Dryer

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Awoco Stainless Steel is the perfect choice of brand in terms of the best hand dryers series. It’s an ideal choice for a restroom of a home or office. This has lower energy consumption but is very strong as a commercial grade.

Super-strong, quiet motor, motion sensor, and forward circuit board. This hand dryer has a power capacity from 120V to 1350W. It, therefore, takes just 10 or 12 seconds to turn the hand dryer.

The supply of detachable and sterile air filters also removes 99.97 percent of moist toilet air bacteria and stops debris from reaching the unit, improving the life of the dryer. And with your home decoration, his presence will give you a decent look.

Features and Benefits:

  • Takes only 10-12 seconds to dry hands
  • There are two switches for controlling.
  • Provided a huge power capacitor.
  • Included a detachable water container as said earlier.


1. How loud is it?

Ans: Not that quiet. Make some little sounds.

2. How sturdy the water container is?

Ans: It’s very much durable.

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AjAir® (2 Pack) Heavy Duty Hand Dryer

Heavy Duty Commercial 1800 Watts High Speed Automatic Hot Hand Dryer

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Machined from stainless steel, this single automatic hand dryer has the heavy duty. This is available in a box of 2 and is of high quality. An automatic induction system is available.

The chip tracking system is excellent and the sensor is infrared type. It has a single motor that runs at a frequency of 25000 rpm.

A person using this similar hand dryers will dry their hands within a short span of 7 seconds to 10 seconds. The product is 90 m / s fast in velocity. The code is well designed, too.

It gives an output of 1800 watts that can clean your hands in a few seconds. With high-quality materials, construction quality is also easy.

Features and Benefits:

  • Takes only 7-10 seconds to dry hands.
  • Ray induction system is installed in it.
  • Included chip control technology and high-speed motor.
  • Providing an infrared sensor.


1. Does plumber need to install or I can do my own?

Ans: Plumbers will make it easier.

2. Is there any warranty provided?

Ans: Not sure about that.

3.Can it be turned into a hard-wired type?

Ans: Yes, just cut the head of it then it became hard wired type.

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BTSSA Induction Hand Dryer

BTSSA Induction Hand Dryer

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The automatic 110/120V BTSSA Induction hand drive features a 1.1 noise reduction bucket, a single-piece white thermoset mask, which uses a high-speed air stream with an average nozzle of 10-15 seconds to dry the hands.

The external infrared start/stop optical system works on the dryer for 35 seconds or until the hands are remove under the sensor.

It satisfies several GreenSpec criteria, has a Green Label LLC register, is accredits by the Green Restaurant Association and has the Certification of the LEED, the Green Building Certification Institute.

Features and Benefits:

  • Polymer protected so no chance of rust, wear and damage.
  • The 1.1 nozzle reduces the noise level up to 9 DBS.
  • High-velocity air stream make your hand dry within 10-15 seconds.
  • Approved by LLC and earned the certificate from LEED.

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HOmeLabs 9 Pounds Capacity Compact Laundry Dryer

hOmeLabs 9 Pounds Capacity Compact Laundry Dryer

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HOmeLabs 9 Pounds Capacity Compact Laundry Dryer is a front-loading portable and full electric clothing dryer for use in apartments or anywhere you feel suitable but not in a commercial environment with a substantial range of 2,6 cubic feet and 1,400 watts of dry strength.

It has an outstanding stainless steel tub, a viewing window and a control panel on the right side. The steel tub has a very smooth surface and is scratch-resistant. You can handle up to 9 livres of clothes in your 2,6 cu. You and your family can wear it.

The interior is spacious. The choice of “Dry” for drying and heating up to 180 minutes and “Cool” for cool air up to 80 minutes is the three customization drying settings for your mechanical controls.

There is also an Auto button and a Timer button for energy-efficient applications with a cycle of approximately 200 minutes. The auto-shut-off feature saves you energy charges and the sophisticated lint filter helps you to wash quickly and run efficiently.

For the small space in your bathroom, you don’t need to buy and keep your big, massive laundry dryer. It suits every little apartment, dorm room, RVs, and corners. And it’s suitable for most fabric styles.

Features and Benefits:

  • Providing 3 mechanical controls for versatile clothing options is easy to navigate and is very responsive to customizing your laundry.
  • Energy Saver and super quite.
  • You can dry your clothes for a short amount of time with 1400 watts with 120V and 60Hz electrical mechanisms
  • It’s portable so you can take it anywhere you want.


1. Can I use this without a lint catcher?

Ans: Yes.

2. What is the size of the power chord?

Ans: 4 feet.

3. Is there any warranty for it?

Ans: Yes, there is a warranty of 2 years.

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World Dryer Airspeed WA126-201 Brushed Chrome Push Button Hand, Dryer

World Dryer Airspeed WA126-201 Brushed Chrome Push Button Hand Dryer

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This airspeed hand dryer from the world dryer is one of the best in the quietest option. Aluminum brushed finish gives it an amazing look for standard washroom or restroom.

But this is recommended for light traffic restrooms. A recessed kit is also provided with it. The long-lasting motor is installed in it so it runs without any services for some years.

Far from all, it runs on the push button. It’s not automatic but it can be very much useful. By far many people voted this as the restroom hand dryers More features are given below:

Features and Benefits:

  • Runs on a push button.
  • Aluminum Brushed with Chrome.
  • Extremely low in sound level.
  • Auto-off is a matter of internal thermostat.

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The best hand dryers are discussed above according to their features and benefits. You can now confidently choose one for your use.

Yet my idea is to go through the below part to get a guide before buying and making a decision of it. This will allow you to decide if your model is suitable and perfect or not.

You Have To Know Before Buy Best Hand Dryers

Best Hand Dryers

You should understand the variety of easy criteria to pick the correct hand dryer for your bathroom or lav. Best hand dryers generally are available in numerous sizes, varieties, and quality. there’s additionally a rich choice for traditional hand dryers. Therefore, it’s vital to decide on the precise hand dryer.

No one desires a bit of shit to pay their cash. Dryers are, however, a helpful restroom. nevertheless, you need to opt for the simplest to realize the most enjoy the best hand dryers.

As dryers of the hand area unit well-liked daily, several manual dryers with numerous brands are obtainable. the correct one is additionally confusing from those choices. that is why I write some things before I build the acquisition. Read carefully!

Push Button Hand Dryers

If you want to use a conventional and traditional hand dryer, note that you have to press a button to power this gadget. These are cheap but take longer to accomplish the task.

Automatic Best Hand dryers

One type of high-speed manual dryer requires 10 or 15 seconds to dry hands. We are rich in energy and eco-friendly. But if you choose these types, you have to spend a little more bucks. Eventually, with the aid of the key, a new mechanical hand dryer. Just place your hand under the dryer and it starts right away.


The performance should be very swift of the perfect hand dryer. Typically, consumers are unable to clean hands to 45 seconds. As an alternative, you might have a big mess in the toilets. It’s worth investing in a fast dryer. This may be very important for your use.

Noise Level

In general, noise is create by all the air blowing machines. If you are planning to install your dryer in a noisy place, choose the quiet one. Nonetheless, versions with variable noise control motors are available.

However, at the time of the drying hands, it is experience. You can’t get rid of this but you can choose one with a low noise level. So always be cautious to pick low decibel hand dryers for your bathroom.

Reliability and Durability

None of you have to invest your money in a product that no longer lasts. You weigh what kind of finishes you make and how long it is reliable if you buy a hand dryer.

Consequently, all items mention in our report are construct from superior materials. It will last for years without any difficulties. You can pick one from our collection for a couple of years.

Price and Budget

The budget is a key element in the purchase process. The cost of the dryer depends on the type of product. The commodities with basic features are low in comparison to those with additional features.

If you are looking for a product with an outstanding feel, high performance, and power efficiency, you might trade more money. Nonetheless, we also recommend that you pay for one good and durable product in advance instead of replacing parts for a cheap hand dryer.

To Sum Up

So we came close to say goodbye to our conversation. Take the items listed for hand dryer Home Depot and choose them to suit your better requirements. You need a high-quality hand dryer to dry your hands quickly when you are in the bathroom. This is why the products are Choose best meet our requirements.

The next time you want to dry your hands successfully, the best hand dryers will make the job more convenient. Such goods last long, while at the same time the high efficiency of hand drying is easy and straightforward!

The quality and reliability of each product can fully trust. However, there is no exception to our list if you want to choose the best hand-dryer for your money.

Today, that’s everything. All your bathroom questions are answer here. ReviewClassic is always here to look after the best solution for your bathroom. And there will be many more positive consumer reviews.

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