How To Pick Right Shower Panel For Your Bathroom in 2022

Many people prefer taking a bath and many just love the shower. It is hard to pinpoint which way of refreshing came into the system before. But taking a shower is always a bright option. Yes, bathing in a tub is refreshing but you are not getting the best out of it.

Remember you are entering the water with your dirty body where all the germs and dirt remains on the water. You can take a little shower first to accommodate with that. And in case you choose bathing in a tub since it feels revitalizing and relaxing you might change your mind when it comes to shower panels.

Shower panels are the modern upgraded version of the traditional heads and they are sort of a longboard panel with many shower fixtures. You would be surprised to see the many types of shower panels there are. They come in all shapes and sizes with their unique functionality and design.

The thing about best shower panel is they have many additional fixtures like the shower head, hand shower and many shower jets that propel water at high speed and pressure. These water jets can be adjusted to any temperature and pressure with the panel’s intelligent shower controlling system.

The way the water is propelled can also be adjusted from shooting like a water gun to a nice wide spray. The is fixtures all hand on hand work together to give you the best whole body shower experience.

Shower panels are deliberately made to rejuvenate you on any stressful day. They have many integrated water functions in them which you can use depending on your convenience. Each fixture has different function and position targeting your various parts of the body.

They intelligently work to massage your whole body propelling water to calm you and ease your muscle tension.

Now you have a clear idea about right shower panel and how great they are. If you think such awesome commodities are quite expensive, well, many are very affordable. And the next best thing is there are some that are intensively easy to easy, some just require you to hang it over your previous shower head.

But if you are planning to get one you have to pick the right one. Since not all bathroom is the same, every bathroom has a different size, texture, design, space, and adjustability. So if you are going to install one you need to keep these factors in mind.

Check out the following simple but important things you should keep your eye out for:


Shower panels come in an array of design backed up by different material construction. The materials used to make shower panels rang from stainless steel and temper glass to hardwood and plastic. But there are still no limitations to the type of material can be used and the way they can be designed.

There are manufacturers who make custom shower panels as well, so you can choose or design one yourself that perfectly fits your bathroom. Thus, it will also adjust to the bathroom décor. And in case you decide to go for a readymade version make sure you choose a shower panel that co-operates with your visualization.

A proper shower is all it takes to enhance the looks of your bathroom and give it a touch of modernization.

Right Shower Panel

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The price of the shower panel is determined by the material used, the number of features it has how well it works And the time is taken to design it. There are also other factors such as water efficiency and whether the panel has an intelligent water controlling system, that altogether determine the price.

Obviously, the more money you put on the table the better the panel you are going to get. That does not mean you have to go for the most expensive one. Keep in mind that shower panels were made in the first place to let you experience the feel of modern design and innovation.

So all shower panels basically work the same way but the pricy ones just have some extra features in them which won’t affect you even if you don’t get it. It is wise if you stick to your budget and choose wisely.


Shower panels come with a myriad of features. They have shower heads, dual shower heads, shower jets, water jets, water sprayers, hand showers, heat controlling system, pressure controlling valve, water function valve and different types of water showering functions.

Some intelligent and expensive shower panel has even more high-tech features. But just because they have it doesn’t mean you will need it. Different people have different ways to feel convenient and blissful. Do you care about misting sprays, massage jets, or rainfall showers? Whatever you prefer, pinpoint then well and identify the ones that will work well with your preference.

A preferred method of showering means that your shower panel has all the features you need or want. Some shower panels include a handheld shower wand to aid with directing the flow of water where needed. In addition, some shower panels have to be wall mount which can take a lot of time to install.

Others, however, take only a few seconds as you only have to put it over your shower head and attach few fixtures or pipes to it.

Temperature control and pressure control are the most important part of a shower panel. Some panels have a lot of manual valves to control the temperature and pressure, where others come with an LCD touchscreen providing a smarter alternative. These LCD screens work brilliantly to guide you with the settings and are easier to read as well.

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